10 Ways Australian Mums Can Make Money Online

child-1073638_640Taking care of the baby, changing nappies, breastfeeding, cooking and putting the bub to

sleep – the world of a mum revolves around her little one, hardly leaving time for a job. Although all employees in Australia are entitled to paid parental leave, after the birth of a child, many women opt for extending their one-year maternity leave which usually goes unpaid. Being a mother not just lengthens the list of your household tasks, your bills too, become longer.

In a country like Australia where cost of living is on the rise, sustenance becomes difficult if you have a single earning member in your family. Moreover, if you are a single mother, then it is mandatory for you to earn money as well as look after your bub. But, childcare itself is a full-time job and you hardly get time for another one.

For this terrible issue, there is a simple and effective solution, and that is home-based online jobs. If you have a computer and 24 hours internet connection, working at home is the ideal option when you have a baby to take care of. Well, many of you give up the dream of having a great career after becoming a mother. But online jobs are flexible, rewarding and home-based, hence, perfect for the Australian mums. So, if you want to embark on your journey as a working-at-home mum, then here’s what you need to know.

The Diverse Scope For Australian Mums Who Want To Work From Home:

Income opportunities are diverse when it comes to online jobs for the Australian mums. Here are the 10 fantastic ways you can earn a handsome amount just working from your home.

1) Earn from Online Survey – No Special Skills Required:

If you are seeking jobs just to earn some extra money during your maternity leave, then there are certain companies which offer payment for online survey and product reviews. Websites like Toluna, My Survey, Opinion World and Valued Opinions are some of the best-known survey sites in Australia. You just need to answer some simple questions and you can win cash prizes or gift cards from these websites.

2) Make Money With Graphic Design:

Do you have excellent graphic design skills? Are you experienced with different forms of graphic design programs? Well, the good news is that you can find many types of graphic design jobs including UI, UX designers to email marketing designers, flash developers and information architect, to name a few. With a broad variety of options in this field, you will have the opportunity to earn $50,000 upwards in a year. Fiverr, Upwork, Elance, 99designs, Peopleperhour – are just some of the top websites you can find work for freelance graphic designers.

3) Become A Virtual Assistant:

Virtual assistant is someone who works for the client as a “contractor” and completes a variety of administrative and secretarial duties through the virtual medium. For example, if your client travels a lot, your job will be to book his flight and accommodation, hire a car and send him the details of his reservation and everything will be done online.

4) Online Tutoring Jobs:

Online teaching jobs are a great way to make money sitting at your home. Teaching All Over, Student of Fortune and Your Tutor are the ideal websites where you can apply for online teaching jobs. Choose the subject you are expert at, be it science, language, history or geography and find students online to teach and earn. Just email your resume and your subject of interest to them for finding your job.

5) Freelance Writing:

Content writing has a vast scope when it comes to online jobs. As you know, content is king and there is a huge demand for well-written blogs and articles for websites. If you are an experienced writer, try freelance content writing with websites like Freelancer, Upwork, OzLance, Writers Edit, Writer’s Centre and Peopleperhour. Here you will find a broad variety of projects to bid on and gain handsome remuneration at the end of each assignment. You can also submit your articles on Hubpages, eHow, BrightHub and Constant-Content and get paid.

6) Selling Handcrafted Products Online:

Handcrafted products are quite popular as they make unique gifts for special occasions. If you have a penchant for handcrafting souvenirs, clothing jewellery and more then this job is just for you. Establish your e-shop with the help of websites like Etsy and Madeit. You can also rely on Facebook to create a virtual shop.

7) Virtual Call Centre Jobs:

The home based call center jobs are for those mums who are excellent in telecommunication. Hundreds of vacancies will be found if you search for home-based call center jobs in Australia. If you have experience in this field, you can earn your living through it.

8) Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing is another job that doesn’t need too much of your time and attention. An affiliate marketer is one who connects the merchants with the buyers online through promoting their goods. If any products are sold, the marketer gets paid. There are multiple sites which hire affiliate marketers. Search online and you can find jobs that suit your demands.

9) Amazon M Turk:

Amazon Mechanical Turk is place where you can find various jobs like testing websites, writing articles or taking surveys. You get paid once you complete the tasks.

10) Mystery Shopping:

This has become quite popular amongst mums in Australia. When you are hired as a mystery shopper by an agency, all you need to do is visit a store and review their customer service. Write all the information and present the report to your agency. Thus you get paid as a mystery shopper. Visit sites like Mystery Shopper, Mystery Customer and Service Integrity to find such jobs online.


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