2014 Google Hangouts – amazing biz women, fab biz advice

So, it’s so long 2014 and welcome to 2015 – soooo looking forward to a fab and fantastical year.

To kick off this year I thought I would offer all you lovelies a little special to allow you access to over 7 hours of the Motivating Mum Google Hangouts for a cool price of $9.99 (normally $35).

The Hangouts include:Business Mentoring for Women

An interview with Taryn Brumfitt of Body Image Movement including how she got an interview on Good Morning America, how she raised $330 000 through crowd funding, how she had the confidence to start the business she’s in and do it in the nude and how to get speaking gigs and speak confidently.

LinkedIn 101 with Karen Hollenbach of Think Bespoke including who the LinkedIn platform is suited to, how to setup your LinkedIn Profile to better communicate with your ideal clients and LinkedIn Etiquette.mummy mentoring festival

Building a Healthy Business Income with Julia Bickerstaff of The Business Bakery. Amongst other things, she covered what a Healthy Income is, the top four “Healthy Income” mistakes we make, and five things you can start doing TODAY to make a Healthy Income.

How writing a Book can be great for Business with Sarah O’Bryan of Business and Baby at Home including how to develop motivation and commitment, how to get a publisher, PR after the book’s release and more.

Dream it, Desire it, Do it with Helen Roe of The Orange Lantern covers making 2015 your year, falling in love with your business all over again, learning 3 essential steps you should take right now and bring passion, purpose and profit to the party!

Creating Strategic Alliances with Simone Novello of PartnerUp covering why forming the right strategic alliances is 14 times more effective on average than traditional marketing, the 3 biggest strategic alliance mistakes (and how to avoid them) and introducing the 6 steps to successful strategic alliances and more.

Creating Visual Marketing that Stands Out with Karen Gunton of build a little biz including the reasons why visual content is the hottest trend in Karen-headshot-500x340marketing, the mistakes most biz owners are making with visual content, the kinds of visual content you can use for your biz, the top fears that people have around creating their own visual content (and how to get over them) and an awesome free tool that people can use to create branded images right now!

Receiving business advice from even one of these incredible women far surpasses $9.99 so, packaged as a whole, this really is the bargain of 2015.

Plus! When you purchase you get the links to these recordings without time limitations so they won’t magically disappear from your laptop one day. That means you can listen to them as and when suits you. Maybe when you’re in the bath or doing the dishes?

Only available until March 6 so buy your recordings now. Cheers! Alli x

(You can also opt to pay with Paypal by clicking the link above. Upon purchase, an email will be sent to your Paypal email address with the links for listening. If you want the email sent to a different email address, contact alli@motivatingmum.com and let me know.)

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