3 Easy Ways to Kick Start Your Career Now

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With New Year celebrations well and truly behind us, and the optimism of our resolutions beginning to fade away, it can be easy to slip into old habits at work. But 2015 is not over yet, so hold onto that optimism and take control of your career.

Whether you have a clear idea of where you are heading, or you are just not quite sure but know you need a change – here are 3 easy steps to kick-start your career now.

1. Identify the next step on the career ladder

The easiest way to move upwards at work is to have a clear idea of how you get there.

Take the bull by the horns, be proactive and organise a meeting with your manager to discuss career progression options.

Get clarity on what challenges you need to overcome and the potential routes you can take to get your foot on the next rung of your career ladder. Have an open and honest discussion with you manager to let them know that you are willing and open to taking on more responsibility whenever it comes up.

Make sure you and your manager are in firm agreement on where you are heading and how you are going to get there this year.

2. Back to College: Re-train or Upskill

To be successful in the long term it sometimes pays to change direction, or to take some time out to learn new skills through training. There is a growing trend in employees returning to school to skill up.

Adding to your existing skills by taking a training course, or re-training for a completely new industry demonstrates to new employers that you have the initiative to take your career into your own hands, and highlights your commitment and desire to progress.

Here are some top tips to consider when choosing a course that works for you:

• Does the training institute recognise prior learning or experience?
• Are there flexible learning options available?
• Is the course recognised nationally?
• How is the course delivered e.g. in a classroom or out on-site?
• Will the qualification help you to get a job or promotion?

Once you’ve found the right course for you consider approaching your manager to see if your company will assist with or cover the cost of the course.

3. Get your work-life balance right

Our work life balance has a bigger impact on how we perform at work than we often like to think.

Eating healthy, keeping fit, drinking more water and getting a few more early nights are staple New Years resolutions. So if they appeared on your list at the beginning of January then now is the time to make a real effort to carry them out.

The well-known saying ‘a healthy body makes for a healthy mind’ really does ring true.

Hitting the desk fresh and ready, with improved concentration, more ideas and the power to fend off an attack of the mid-afternoon slump means you’ll be right on track for that upcoming promotion.

For 4 more tips – take a look at our presentation below:

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