3 Reasons why your business will thrive when you step away

This post brought to you by Nicky Leonti, Mindful Mumma Project

As a busy mum raising children and building an online business, I find it challenging to take care of myself and keep up with a social life (does Facebook count?). With 2 children under 3 I was constantly feeding through the nights, being pulled at in all directions but totally excited to spend every spare second on building my business. I was exhausted.

step away from your businessAs my business is all about being in touch with my feminine side and listening to my body, I really grounded myself and carved out a gorgeous morning routine for myself and implemented the ‘Email Law’ for myself. The Email Law is that I can check my emails twice a day and that’s it. When I check them I respond and move or delete. These two things help create some balance in my life.

I started to feel great. I had more time to, you guessed it, to work on my business!

After a few more months like this my business was becoming stagnant. My ‘aha’ moment came when I was speaking to a friend about some current news and I had not even heard about this major incident that had happened down the road. I realised I had created a comfortable little bubble that included me, my business and my family.

I needed to get out of it ASAP!

I started scheduling in fun stuff that I enjoyed before children and before business such as beach swimming, watching movies without my laptop on my lap, strolls around the lake with the kids and stopping to look for lizards and pick flowers. Real fun stuff.

On the business front, my business began to thrive!

From me stepping away from my business for a little while;

1. I gained fresh new ideas – by being out and socialising again, reading news articles, giving myself a break I came up with amazing ideas to improve my business and give more value for my clients.

2. I was less tense – by being less tense when I was working I was able to see new avenues that I wasn’t exploring and I became more organised to follow through with different leads.

3. I had extra energy – by not being tied to my laptop all the time I had extra energy which meant that when I was working I was more focused and was able to give 100% for everything I was doing.

Why not schedule mini-breaks into your week to give yourself some breathing space. This can help you, your family and your business!

stepping away from your business


Nicky Leonti is the creator of Mindful Mumma Project where she supports you in listening to your feminine side whilst create the life you want with kids.

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One Response to 3 Reasons why your business will thrive when you step away

  1. Robyn Ellis says:

    I agree. I went through a similar thing then I started yoga and doing it 4 mornings a week has changed my work. I have also made a point for coffee dates and play ground play dates in between time. The brain needs time out, ideas come when we step away and create space rather than grinding things out. It’s awesome!

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