3 Ways Business Mums Can Keep Their Kids Entertained


Whether you are a first-time mum or you’re a veteran at raising children, you’ve likely been faced with the issues of keeping your kids entertained while managing your business.

From the tiniest tots to teens that tower over you, there are just some times that you need your kids to be busy doing something safe so you can get your work done. Whether it’s crafting those all-important weekly invoices or an conference call with a client, sometimes a working mum needs a few go-to activities to keep the kids busy.

The following are ideas that work from tots to teens – with the appropriate modifications, of course:

1. Let them watch TV

Remember when experts advised that children shouldn’t watch any television because it didn’t provide them with any measurable advantages? You can put that concern aside and let them watch a moderate amount of TV (as determined by you).

As this article from Media Smarts notes, television watching offers all sorts of benefits for kids. With your local DIRECTV service, you’ll find the choices for TV viewing to be almost limitless. There are numerous shows that are focused on particular ages, such as preschoolers or the middle school sector, as well as those that can be enjoyed by all ages. You can even find beautifully choreographed programs that teach kids – even though they don’t know they’re being taught.

2. Get creative

Getting creative will vary depending on the interests of your kids as well as their ages. That being said, try to have a variety of different materials that can be used by your kids to both foster their current creative interests and allow them to tap into those that they have yet to explore.

For the younger set, consider providing supplies like different types of paper, crayons and markers of various sizes and shades, modeling dough and clay as well as building blocks. Refine these for older kids and also offer fine-tipped pens in various colors, materials to facilitate paper folding and model-making kits.

3. Explore different methods of reading

Today, there are many different ways to engage children and foster a love of reading. Keep a stock of chapter or YA books on hand for your pre-teens. Make manga-style books, or even comic books, available for your reluctant readers. You can even find free sites online that read books to your child while highlighting the words and showing them the pictures – just as if you were doing the reading yourself. Check with your local library about programs like this. Be sure to make a cozy reading area with comfy pillows and a place to store books and a favorite snack while they are reading.

By taking these tried-and-true methods of entertaining kids and revamping them for your own use, working mums can keep them safe and happy. Utilize the modern gifts of high-quality television, the almost endless array of creative materials and the many methods of reading to craft solutions that let you keep your sanity as a working mum – at least on most days!

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