4 Platforms That Will Help Your Business Flourish

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Five years ago, Facebook marketing was where it was at for businesses wanting to grow their market share and succeed. While Facebook – and other social media platforms – are still extremely relevant, the digital landscape continues to evolve and adapt to changing technologies and consumer behaviour.

Read on to find out four communication mediums and platforms you should be using to help your business succeed:

1. Your Own Website

Anything you ‘own’ is gold as far as digital marketing and communication goes. On your own website, you get to control the content and can access so much valuable data to help understand what people want from your business. Make sure that your website is updated regularly – and not just with great, engaging content. It’s important that you stay up-to-date with technological advances as well, especially as mobile becomes a dominant way that people access websites. ‘Mobile friendly’ isn’t enough anymore; to avoid a high bounce rate you need to ensure that your website has full functionality regardless as to whether your users are on a computer or a portable device like a tablet or their smartphone.

2. SMS Marketing

How effective is your email newsletter? Is it really working for you or does it end up sitting unread in a cluttered inbox, or worse, in the ‘junk’ folder of your target audience? Marketing messages don’t have to be lengthy to make an impact – you can achieve great results with 160 characters or less! The modern consumer likes to be able to choose how they receive messages and communication from companies so make sure you are giving your customers options for how you interact with them. Providers like SMSGlobal make it easy and effective for businesses to start SMS messaging customers virtually straight away.

3. Podcasting

Did you know that Soundcloud has more active users than Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram? While YouTube and video content may seem like where you should be focussing your multimedia attention, audio shouldn’t be discounted as a viable option to grow your audience and build a relationship with your customers. Harvard and PlayStation are two companies who are using Soundcloud and audio streaming to achieve great results.

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4. Pinterest

If you run a business with an e-commerce element, you could be losing sales if you don’t have an active Pinterest profile. With a business profile, you can set yourself up a virtual shopfront and use the platform to drive qualified, motivated buyers to your shop. Even if you don’t actively sell anything, you can still use Pinterest to increase your website traffic and grow your audience and influence, so make sure you’ve installed a Pinterest widget or app on your own website to make it easy for your site visitors to pin and share useful information they find.

It’s important to remember that you don’t have to be on every single platform so make sure that you have a well thought out, strategic communication plan and choose the mediums that you have the time and resources to put adequate effort into to achieve impact and results.

What platforms or mediums would you recommend for business growth?

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