4 things to consider when selecting your new office

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Are you in the market for a new office space? There are so many things that you need to consider, not least of all the lease terms and the contract for your new property. Where are you going to locate yourself? Is the address that you want affordable? What sort of message does your new office space send to your potential clients?

Once you have answered all of these questions then you need to think about the tough things: the potential disruption to your business, and the logistical nightmare of moving all of your furniture in. Plus, if you’re a new business you are going to need to buy the furniture! The idea of spending a lot of money on a new office space can be an overwhelming thing for a new business who is focused on growth. Businesses struggle with wanting to be taken seriously but (understandably) baulk at the idea of paying huge amounts of money for a prestige address. The wrong decision about where to base yourself can cost you business – but luckily there are options available which can be cost-effective and efficient to boot.

A serviced office is a great option for any growing business that needs the flexibility of a great, prestige space, without the hassle of having to manage a move and a lease. If you’re in the market for a serviced office, then you’re in luck! We have uncovered some great deals – click here for Serviced Office specials.

Read on for our top four things to consider when selecting your new office:

Have you considered growth?

Any new company needs to think about the needs of not only today, but also tomorrow. Growth and other factors can change the space requirements for your business instantly, and you need to be able to adapt to the demands placed on your company. If you can’t afford the extra space that you need straight away then you can always hire remote workers and operate on a flexible basis until you figure out the space you need. Of course, with a virtual office it’s easy to expand if the space is required.

Do you have the right location?

As we said before, location is important to create the right vibe with your business. The location of your business plays a huge role in your branding, whether you like it or not – and you need to take this into account. A serviced office is a great option for a new business because it allows the flexibility of a prestige, central address, without the long-term commitment of a commercial lease. The location of your office plays a role not only for the prestige of your business, but also for the convenience that it provides your staff. You need to make sure that the location is accessible for staff but still central enough to the business district for your city.

Do you have the right vibe?

We touched on this earlier but let’s revisit: The vibe of your office plays into the brand of your business. When clients come to meet with you they’re going to be exposed to the type of company culture that your business has. This is going to be a big part of the impression that they form of you, and so your business space needs to reflect this. A serviced office ticks all the boxes in the sense that it’s a corporate and professional space in a great and central location.

Are there any hidden costs?

When choosing a new office space you need to think about whether there is anything built into your rental that you haven’t considered. A serviced office is a great option given that it’s all on the table, and you can lease on a month-to-month contract. A great option for a new business.

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