41 ways to get your business year off to the best start ever!


My fave time of year is always December/January as it’s when I have the time and freedom to really organise myself, clean stuff out, review, brainstorm, plan, get creative and get the foundation in place for a simply killer year.

Here are just some of the things that I do to get in shape for a new year – I hope they help you too – mwahs, Alli x

  1. Get clear on your why as it forms the whole basis of your business and may inform your business decisions/choices.
  2. Write your brand keywords on paper and pop on your pinboard to remind you all year what you need to be projecting to attract your customers. Don’t know what brand keywords are? What do your market need to think and feel about you to buy from you?
  3. Clean everything off your desk and only put back on what you absolutely need.
  4. Review your previous year and plan for this one with Leonie Dawson’s fab workbooks.
  5. Invest in some lovely stationery or stationery organisers – in your brand colour.
  6. Go through your email folders and delete all the emails you no longer need.
  7. Update any training manuals/business resources.
  8. Set up email folders that you need for your business so in 2017 you’re filing emails (and can find them later) and not leaving them all in your Inbox.
  9. Book in a session with your fave psychic/tarot reader etc and ask your burning biz questions.psychic-72085_640
  10. Go to a cafe or a park with a big piece of paper and pen and just brainstorm the craziest ideas ever.
  11. Buy a plant for your desk or an inspiring, motivating quote – or both.
  12. Take your computer to the shop and get the dust cleaned out of it and viruses & outdated/unused programs deleted from it.
  13. Brainstorm 12 blog topics that you will write one on a month.
  14. Listen to a podcast on setting killer goals for your biz.
  15. Work out your pricing to make sure you’re charging correctly (especially in product).
  16. Get your wants and dreams down on a beautifully visual vision board and affix it in front of your face as a constant reminder. Love to know how to make one? Check out this great blog.vision-board-520757_640
  17. Unsubscribe from any newsletters you don’t read.
  18. Get your kids organised for school or kinder.
  19. Buy a special water bottle for your desk so you’re always drinking it (and watering your plant).
  20. Send a survey to your suppliers, customers or social media followers asking them what they love, what you could do better, what they would love to see from you.
  21. Brainstorm a year’s worth of social media posts for your business and schedule them or pay someone else to – include sales posts, testimonials, benefits of buying with you, posts showing your expertise, interactive posts like asking questions and click ‘like’ if and develop shareables.
  22. Pop a schedule on your pinboard of the FB groups you like engaging in and the different promo days they have – so you don’t miss opportunities to post.
  23. Put your prices up.
  24. Think about outsourcing work to a VA or contractor – or even outsourcing the cleaning, the ironing or a few meals a week.
  25. Link 5 articles/blogs/pages within your website as Google loves this and it leads traffic through your site – as opposed to having them leave after they’ve read the page.
  26. Develop an affirmation that you will say confidently to yourself every day that will help you achieve what you want, change a belief or behaviour.
  27. Get your clients onto a CRM to manage appointments, follow ups and more. Many are free if you don’t have a huge amount to manage. Try Insightly or Capsule.
  28. Do a time audit. Sit down with an excel spreadsheet divided into days of the week and hours and work out exactly what you do every day (when school has started) and how much time you really have to work on your biz.time management
  29. Find other business owners who may like to supply you with a guest blog so you don’t need to create all content yourself.
  30. Read a business book on whichever topic it is you need help with.
  31. Visit the gallery or a forest or a beach and reignite your creativity.
  32. Go through your computer and organise your folders so you can find everything. Delete any old files or images.
  33. Optimise some pages of your website or rewrite them/change pictures so it looks new and fresh and Google loves it more.
  34. Develop a free opt-in for your newsletter.
  35. Approach a complementary business with the same target market as you about entering into a partnership – you can cross-promote each other’s social media, specials, events, engage in competitions and more.
  36. Change your passwords – I like to make mine an affirmation or a goal I’d like to achieve like ‘I am rich’. Make sure your passwords are impenetrable!
  37. Send a welcome to 2017 video message to your followers, customers, clients or suppliers.
  38. Read over your email templates and make sure they’re correct and up to date. If you send these to the same people over and over, consider rewriting them so they’re not boring people to death!
  39. Check over your whole website and make sure all info is up-to-date and correct. Test all links to make sure that none are broken.
  40. Ditch the Excel spreadsheet and sign up to an Accounting software program. It’s easy peasy and cheap as chips! My Quickbooks account costs me approx $13.50 a month and saves me loads of time.
  41. Decide on a theme song that you are going to play full blast whenever you need a pep up in biz if things are getting on top of you. My song of choice is Fighter – makes me come out swinging every time!

Is there something I’ve missed? I’d love to know your ideas on getting your biz off to the best start ever. Pop them in the comments below x


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