5 Organising Tips You Need to Know

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Sometimes, life gets hectic. Other times, it spins into pure chaos. There are many ways to organise your life so you’re prepared for these times. While spreadsheets and nifty-looking stationery are great for getting organised, the most effective approach is to begin at the core: by organising your mind and your home.

Here are five simple tips for letting you pass through the chaos unruffled:

1. Organise with Long-Term Goals in Sight

To-do lists are tried and tested ways to stay organised, but a more holistic approach is the “core beliefs” list. Begin every week with a set of goals that link in and work towards your long-term values and goals. For instance, if these long-term goals include raising a great family, maintaining personal health, and making a positive contribution at work, you would sort your to-do list under these headings. It can even be a loose association, so long as it resonates with you. Something like “Plan Miss 5’s birthday party” might go under the “Family” subheading, while “Try a Pilates class” would fall under “Health”.

2. Clean and Neat Home

It seems like a no-brainer, but it’s something we often forget: an organised life begins with a tidy house. And that means a house that’s consistently tidy, not just tidy in the few hours after your fortnightly cleaning blitz.

When the dust and clutter build up around you, your ability to think clearly and plan ahead gets clouded. A messy house can be so distracting you may even lose sight of your core values. Commit to a regular cleaning routine as the basis for all other organising activities. If your core values pull you towards dedicating your time to something else, consider hiring someone in to do the work. Companies like Absolute Domestics could send a cleaner to your house every month or every week – however often you need to win your time and head-space back.


3. Plan Ahead

Set aside time at the end of each day to plan the next. Check in with your diary and weekly goals list. Has one task consumed all your time? You might need to reshuffle and carry over activities. Locate, fix, and lay everything out in its place: lunch for work in the fridge, clothes hanging at the front of your wardrobe, and papers together by the door. This will let you wake up feeling on track.

4. Entries and Exits

You know the feeling: You’re all set to head off for the day when, suddenly, you can’t find your keys, your phone, or your sunglasses. Clear a space by the front door. Place a large storage box, such as a hamper, underneath and a smaller storage container, such as a bowl or shallow basket, on top. Develop a habit of storing your must-have items in these containers, perhaps even including a checklist on the wall of things that should always remain in this area when not being used.

5. File Away

For most of us, the average day comes with a bombardment of literature: flyers, bills, receipts, forms, work papers… the list goes on. Most of it will end up floating aimlessly around the house until you need it, at which point it disappears entirely, destined to reappear only after you’ve torn the place to pieces. Right?

So, a good filing system is essential. We’re well and truly in the electronic age, so why not embrace it in your filing? Throughout the day, collect all your papers in a folder or box. Put aside 10 minutes in the evening to sort the papers. Anything you’d deem mildly important, such as receipts, business correspondence, and user’s guides, can be scanned and entered into your computer, allowing you to throw away the hard copies and save space for the documents you absolutely must physically keep.

Do you have any organisation tips of your own you could add to this list? Don’t be selfish – share them in the comments below and help other readers get their lives organised!

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