5 Things you Need when Running a Networking Event

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Are you planning a networking event? If so, then read on for details of the five must-have elements you need to incorporate into your function to make it a success:

1. Business cards and name badges

You can never have too many business cards when it comes to attending or hosting a networking event, so be sure to stock up in advance. Next on your list are name badges and place card holders. These provide event organisers and sponsors will a fantastic branding opportunity. To determine which option best suits your needs and budget, have a look at companies who specialise in customisable promotional materials for events such as Signal Events.


2. Signage

Never underestimate the value of signage materials for your function. If you’re hiring a venue, be sure to liaise daily with their event managers to guarantee that your guests can quickly and easily find their way to you. If you’re using multiple rooms for breakout sessions, ensure these are also well signed and easy to find. Once again, all signs provide another branding opportunity for you and your event partners.

3. Registrations

The registration process is one of the most demanding elements of any event. This is because you usually have a large number of people arriving at roughly the same time. Registrations need to run quickly and smoothly in order to keep your program running to schedule. There are different options to use for registrations, including ultra-fast and efficient electronic systems. Once again, it might be worth speaking to an event promotions company to select the best option for your event.

4. Delegate packs

Running in parallel with the registration process is the handing out of delegate packs. This should include an event program and any other materials relevant to the day’s proceedings. Delegate packs are probably one of the most important promotional elements of the day. Apart from the obvious branding opportunities, packs can be used to supply detailed information about your company to potential customers, partners and even potential investors.

If you have event sponsors, delegate packs also offer a good return on their investment due to brand exposure and the reach they can have among event participants. Depending on the scale and budget of your event, you may even wish to produce some bespoke promotional materials such as pens, calendars and other merchandise.

5. Displays

The type and amount of display materials that you need to produce for your networking event will obviously depend on the size and nature of the function. Displays may simply include posters and other printed materials like brochures and pamphlets. Or you may have more sophisticated multi-media displays, interactive stations for delegates or even display vehicles or models.

Networking events can prove to be of incredible value for any business or organisation. If done well, events can generate new business, forge new partnerships and even drive product innovation. If you’re planning on hosting an event, make sure you have all of the five things outlined above. This will ensure your event is professional, runs smoothly and maximises outcomes for your business and investment.

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