5 Website Features Google Loves

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Every business owner wants Google to love their website. While search engine optimisation is a complex topic, the starting point is a well designed website that helps Google understand what your business is all about. By incorporating these 5 features into your website design, you’ll build a great foundation for gaining Google’s love.

Marketing1. Create a clean website structure and easy navigation

Google’s robots are smart, but they can get confused! A clean website structure and easy navigation will not only benefit the robots, but your human visitors too. Your website structure should follow a clear hierarchy, e.g. with sub pages for your various product categories or services. If possible, each main product category or service should have its own page on your website, and should be easy to find through your navigation menu. Google also likes you to create a sitemap to make it even easier for the robots to crawl your website.

2. Include the right keywords, in the right places

Keywords help Google understand what your website pages are about. Think about the keywords a potential customer may be using to look for your type of business or product. Then incorporate these keywords into your website, ideally one main keyword per page. For example, you might create a page for the keyword “flower delivery melbourne”, and a separate page for the keyword “wedding flowers melbourne”.

On your target page, include the keyword in the page title, meta description, main heading, page text, URL and in image alt tags.

3. Write a blog to keep content fresh

If you haven’t updated your website for 5 years, you may be in trouble! Google is always hungry for fresh content and will prioritise websites that have been updated recently. A blog is a great way of keeping your website updated and feeding Google the fresh content it craves. Posting new articles at least twice a month is recommended.

Another benefit of your blog is that it creates new pages with long-tail keywords related to your business, e.g. “how to pick your wedding bouquet colours”. While there may not be as many searches for this keyword as for “wedding flowers melbourne”, the smaller amounts of traffic you can capture with each blog post will add up.

4. Be sociable

Incorporating social media into your website has many benefits. While it is still unclear how much weight Google really gives to social shares and likes, it does crawl social media websites and will take social chatter into account when evaluating your brand’s online footprint. If you are talked about on social media, and people share links to your website, Google will take note!

5. Make your website responsive

Google likes us to create websites that are useful and relevant to its human visitors. Usability on mobile phones and tablets can be an issue, and Google clearly recommends making websites responsive so that they adjust for mobiles and tablets. That way, you can have one website that serves all devices and is easy for Google to crawl and index.

While there are a lot more factors involved in SEO, these 5 tips will hopefully get you a head start on your way to a loving relationship with Google.



Frederike Ramm is the owner of Ondetto, a Geelong based web design agency for small businesses.


SEO image courtesy of Stuart Miles / www.freedigitalphotos.net

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  1. Hi Frederike,

    I really agree with ‘Be Social’. Most people don’t realise that online business is all about networking and growing together!

    Step out of that comfort zone!


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