6 resume tips to help your application stand out

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Are you at a loss of what how to start your resume, or not sure how to improve on your current one to cater to more contemporary audiences? When writing a resume, your goal is to make yourself stand out against all others in a job application. Here are some resume tips to help differentiate your application from the rest.

Visual display

Make your resume stand out by focusing on how it looks, not just the content. Consider a different layout. Find new ways to display the information that is helpful to the reader while remaining engaging. While the information on a resume does not usually scream excitement, an eye-catching format can be the just extra push you need to get to the next stage in the selection process.

Active words

When listing your past achievements and previous work tasks do not use passive phrases that put your reader to sleep. Use active language that shows a job being done. Instead of using ‘I often was asked to assist in writing meeting minutes,’ say ‘wrote meeting minutes.’ The phrase is clearer, more succinct, and is easier for a reader to grasp during a quick glance.

Keep it Simple

A resume is a way to highlight what you’ve done and where your interests lie. While you want your resume to also highlight your personality and stand out from other applicants be careful to not be too extravagant. A revamped resume should be interesting and different, but should also be professional and polished. The best course of action is to keep it simple.

Keep it short

Keep your resume short and succinct while still providing all the relevant information. Tailor your details to the role you are applying for. If you have many years of experience, choose the three most recent, or relevant roles. If you are a seasoned applicant, a panel does not need information about your summer job in high school.

Market yourself

A resume is a place for you to show off. While arrogance is never warranted, your resume should display confidence. Provide your most impressive examples of why you are best suited to the position. The care you take in presenting the best resume will certainly be evident to any selection panel.

Include a cover letter

A cover letter is a great way to explain your resume in more detail. Instead of just listing duties you were responsible for, you can go into more detail about why these were beneficial for your previous workplace and for your personal and professional development. As the experts at SmartWorker say about writing a cover letter, “this is where you write, as you.”

A resume is a vital part of any job application. A good resume can be the difference in whether or not you get called for an interview. Take care when submitting a resume and pay attention to every detail.

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