6 Stable Careers To Consider Moving In To

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Staying in the same career for a lifetime used to be the path chosen by most people, but these days, industries are becoming more competitive, and continually changing, so it is now harder for people to retain a long-term position. If you’re one of these people and are looking for something more stable to move in to, consider the careers below:

1. Bookkeeping

The bookkeeping industry has been around for a long time, as businesses will always need someone to keep its financial and administrative elements in order. Also adding to the stability of this industry is the support given by companies such as the Australian Bookkeepers Network that provide tools and resources through a range of experts.

2. Accounting

Another stable career to move into is accounting. With businesses booming these days, from large corporations to the growing number of entrepreneurs, accurate financial representation is more important than ever. Moving into this industry will also mean being able to start your career instantly by studying through a traineeship and get your degree while you work.


3. Education

Career stability can also be found in the education and teaching industries, as even though information is now highly accessible through technology and the internet, nothing can replace the role of the face-to-face teacher. The interactive and flexible nature of teaching means it is always going to be the first choice for schooling.

4. Computer Analyst

Technology is a way of life in today’s society, and even though it is constantly changing, there are some positions that are proving to be stable career choices. One such career is as a computer analyst. What makes this career stable is this role’s responsibility for analysing a company’s computer systems, and then designing new solutions to improve or fix any issues. As just about every company runs their business through computers now, there will always be work in this field.

5. Dental

If you’re after an industry with one of the lowest unemployment rates going, then look no further than the dental industry. Dental technicians are always in demand, and you will often find several employment opportunities, even in a small town. Or if it’s the role of a dentist you’re looking at moving into, then you can also feel assured knowing that it’s not just stable, but is also a highly paid occupation as well.

6. Nursing

Nursing is another industry that is constantly looking to recruit more staff, so you will be hard-pressed not to find a job if this is the career you move into. Because of this, positions are relatively stable and offer substantial opportunities for movement between hospitals and surgeries if you want to work somewhere bigger, or smaller. Nursing also has many opportunities for those interested in travel, as you will easily find paid or volunteer placements in other countries.

Careers shouldn’t just be about finding your ‘dream job’ – they should also be about finding an industry that is going to support you through your career development. Stability is the key here, and stepping into jobs such as the ones above, will guarantee financial security well into the future.

How long have you been in your current career? Do you think it’s as stable as it once was? Discuss your answers below.

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