A lesson in business from Umi Loans

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It’s official. I am a business nerd.

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I drive the streets and examples of good signage jump out at me, I judge customer service, I admire FB covers and great adverts and I try and emulate a concise and well-written blog (I did say try!).

I was recently sent this video from Umi Loans and my inner business nerd bubbled to the surface – there were a lot of things that resonated with me when viewing. I’m sure Umi made the video in an attempt to engage potential customers but it was so much more for me.

small business support

Click here to watch the video: http://go.clickmeter.com/MotivatingMumGEUmi/

So what was it about this video that had me so excited? Let me count the ways:

  1. It wasn’t a dry video on Umi and the loans they offer which would have turned me off instantly, they made it humorous and interesting, keeping me engaged for longer.
  2. They didn’t shove their business down my throat. They simply included a link at the end that I could follow to check them out further, if desired. In this case, I did.
  3. They kept it short and sharp. A must for videos.
  4. They displayed high production values conveying to me they are not a cheap and nasty brand.
  5. Their use of branding is fab. Why not discern yourself from all the other finance companies out there by pitching yourself as a business that is approachable, down to earth and can have a bit of a laugh?
  6. And lastly, there was even a business lesson in the video. Their experiment on pricing reminded me that if you brand a product differently, you can often charge a higher price and people will pay it. Even if the products are essentially the same.

So, how does a video made by a loan company apply to all you lovely biz mums? It can give you food for thought:

  1. Is the message you’re conveying to your market boring and dry? Can you be more subtle and entertaining?
  2. How can you brand your business to discern yourself from your competition and connect better with your customers?
  3. Can you use video for your business in a way that still explains what you do but in a way that is engaging?
  4. Can you use branding to increase your prices?

Isn’t it amazing where you can get business inspiration?

Cheers, Alli x


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