Action Steps to Success

Guest post by Vanessa Carnevale

Whilst there’s no sure fire formula for success in business, there are strategies and actions you can put into place to ensure you’re on the right track, right? Here’s a snapshot of a few of my ingredients for taking a holistic approach to your first Action Steps to Success.

how to create business success

Success. How do you measure it?

When I left a well paying corporate job to launch my businesses in the not so distant past, people balked at me leaving my high paying job when I seemed to be performing well in my career. Being the driven and motivated creative soul that I am, I knew I’d make it wherever I ended up. For me, true success couldn’t simply be measured by my monthly income, the car I drove, the handbag I carried or the sales I made. Yes, I’d achieved some amazing things in my career. Yes, I’d worked my way to where I needed to be and was reaping the rewards. But my personal life was out of balance.

Where do you fit in?

This is why in my coaching and workshops, I like to start at the beginning and that’s with you and where you fit in. Because to me, business and personal life, especially when you’re a mum, have to be in alignment and complement each other. We spend so much of our time working or juggling work and family that it makes sense to look at where you fit in to the equation. By looking at your personal life, your happiness and energy levels, your motivation and enthusiasm not only for your life but for your business, we can get a clearer picture of what needs addressing and what’s working.

What’s holding you back?

The mindset stuff. In any business it’s worth taking a look at your beliefs and how those are helping or hindering your business practice. I see all too often, people holding themselves back by limited beliefs, whether fear, or negatively affirming and accepting things as truth (for example – “I’m no good at networking” or “I can’t do self-promotion”). Once you identify anything that’s holding you back, you pave the way to overcoming that block.

Intention Setting VS Goal Setting

An intention statement is a commitment to yourself and to your customer. It sets out your purpose – why you do what you do. Does your customer know why you do what you do? If not, why not? Does your customer want to get to know the authentic you? I use my intention statement to keep myself in check with everything that I do in my business and I really think every authentic business should have one. If a business decision doesn’t align with my intention statement or purpose, it’s a thumbs down!

Details of my upcoming Action Steps to Success Workshop – Wednesday 24th October 10am-12pm, Bulleen, Vic
Anyone in need of some motivation, confidence or tools to move forward with purpose, intention and drive will benefit from this workshop. Worksheets provided.

Vanessa will cover: * Where YOU fit in * Believing in yourself – What’s holding you back? * Intention Setting vs Goal Setting * Identifying Opportunity * Taking Action Steps * Recruiting your support team * Moving forward & shining your light!

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