Are you socially savvy?

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I was thrilled to have the opportunity to meet with Janina from Be Socially Savvy to discuss ways of improving our Facebook business page through higher levels of engagement, audience appeal and how to put some passion and personality into the content we post.

mumpreneur, wahm

Janina Lear, Be Socially Savvy

I must admit, I do spend A LOT of time on our Facebook page, regularly posting about recent and upcoming events, uploading photos to our gallery and keeping track of our new “Likes” and other people/businesses who post on our page. But I guess that’s where I’ve gone off track a bit, as Janina explained. Whilst I thought it was great to have so many “Likes”, it’s actually the number of people talking about our page which I should be concentrating on. Cue the light bulb moment.

One of the biggest challenges we face is getting people to respond to our posts and engage more on our page. Through Janina’s recommendation, I’m now looking at ways to make our posts less “business-like” and more about things I am passionate about and want to share with our demographic. Janina is completely right in saying that whilst it is a business page, people who follow you don’t generally want to hear all about the business!

There were a couple of times during our meeting where I’m sure my eyeballs popped out on stalks for the discovery of a better way to do things. I was under utilizing the tabs section which can be used as free advertising for your website. I need to look at including extra tabs to incorporate videos of our events or special offers and most importantly, Janina helped me to gain a better understanding of our Insights. That is, exactly who is engaging with our page, what posts/photos are working well and what are not. This was definitely another light bulb moment for me.

From the advice I’ve taken away from Janina, I now have a much clearer direction of how I can use Facebook to create higher engagement, get more local people talking about our page and make it a fun and appealing source of information that will hopefully generate more leads and build our awareness as a product and service of choice.

I would definitely recommend Janina’s services to anyone wanting a Facebook check-up. Here I was thinking I knew so much about it, yet I now have a whole page of notes to get started on that I can’t wait to put into action.

A little more on Janina Lear, Be Socially Savvy:

Be Socially Savvy launched in May 2011 and I have managed to help lots of small businesses know how to make better use of their pages. I looked after Decjuba for one year which was fun. I love helping people get their head around the world of social media in particular Facebook. I come up with marketing strategies to help businesses build fantastic engagement with their fans. I also run Piccadilly Market where I have built a wonderful community.mumpreneur, wahm

Reviewed by Nerilee Jones, Picture This Photo Booth:

Nerilee Jones from Picture This Photo Booth, offers a hire service for special events, Weddings, Trade Shows and Parties. Available Geelong, Ballarat, Melbourne and regional Victoria.

The giveaway:

A one hour session specifically based on Facebook which I can tailor to what it is you need to know. We can look at what you are doing great and want you need improvements on, strategies to get a higher engagement and lots of little tricks that you may not be aware of. Worth $120. Drawn Fri, Aug 24

To win, leave a comment below on what’s something you’ve recently learned about Facebook?

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20 Responses to Are you socially savvy?

  1. Janina Lear says:

    Hi everyone,
    Great comments and if any of you would like a Facebook Tune up session, they are $100 for an hour and can be done face to face or via screen share on Skype. Facebook when used properly and with a strategy is an amazing platform for your business. Bella I wanted to know more about what you meant about popular posts meaning negative comments. Do you have an example?

  2. I have just started learning how to add a shop to Facebook, but I’m still learning.

  3. Amy George says:

    I know I have a lot to learn about social media! Any help very gratefully received!

  4. Alli says:

    Congrats Helen you have won the session with Janina – yays! x

  5. I’m certain I’m not using facebook to its fullest business potential and would love advice on how to better use facebook .. I do a lot of test and measure with my posts but an expert’s opinion would be fab :)

  6. michele says:

    help with working SMARTER on facebook is definitely needed and I appreciate your guidance! Otherwise we can find ourselves spending hours on there with no return on that investment that could be put into other aspects of our business. Thanks again.

  7. Lisa says:

    I have learnt how to schedule posts! So that I do not have to be near my computer to do a post.Would love to learn more….

  8. Fiona says:

    setting apps up on the page is quite complicated!

  9. Katarina says:

    I learnt about using “voice” on my business page to change to my personal name.

  10. Bella says:

    I recently looked through my analytics, and learned that the most popular posts were also the most likely ones to have negative feedback. Seems like a catch 22 to me and I don’t really understand it!

  11. Just reading the posts above makes me realise I know even less than I thought I knew. I know that i spend ages on facebook and never really seem to achieve THAT much, and Im going bald from tearing my hair out when it really can’t be that hard … oh but I did share something successfully this morning so I guess I do know something!! An hours consultation with Janina would be fabulous for me and definately my business. :)

  12. Jo says:

    I’ve learnt that there’s so much more to Facebook than I thought, and that I have so much more to learn. :)

  13. Katie says:

    I have recently learnt that there is a manaage my pages app for facebook that you can load onto your phone to help you manage mutliple facebook pages.

  14. I have recently learnt that you can time schedule posts. Makes it easier then to write one in the morning or late at night then schedule it to appear at peak facebook time. I have a lot more I’d like to learn though!

  15. Katrina says:

    Don’t turn on chat if you don’t want to be sucked into a conversation.
    Also, tagging another business page doesn’t seem to be displaying on the tagged business page’s wall. This is disappointing as they won’t know you have tagged them unless they are a liker of your page already.

  16. Helen says:

    I’m not sure if its a new thing, but when you hover over the bit where it shoes how many people saw your post, it will split it into Organic and Viral.

  17. Mary Thompson says:

    To follow the Insights on my page as to when to time posts. Oh! and that I don’t know nearly enough about facebook, I would love a session with Janina.

  18. Bernadette Walsh says:

    I learned recently that you can elongate the photos to landscape which can help the images “pop” out

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