Awesome Tips for Mums Launching a Business

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One of the best ways to earn money is through starting a business. And nothing feels better than that moment when you launch something you’ve conceptualised and worked on for months, maybe even years.

You have the necessary materials organised and ready for use like a website, business cards, a working desk complete with computer and laser printer and other marketing and advertising paraphernalia. The only thing left is to execute that business plan.

If you are just starting out, here are some great tips to remember for business-minded mums like you:

Motivate yourself and put your mind to it

There will be many times when you just cannot find the motivation to continue on, potentially because you are too busy or it may feel a little too daunting. In times like these, it’s great to go back to your business plan and remind yourself of your direction and aims for your business. It’s also great to re-visit why you’re doing this and all you’ve achieved thus far. These activities will help re-focus you and also remind you just what an amazing job you’re doing.

Find the best time to work on your ideas

If mornings are busy for you, then evenings might be the best time to work on your business. Or maybe you work better getting up earlier than the rest of the household, making use of that precious quiet time? Whatever it is, determine the best schedule for you and make it a habit to work in this time as you will generally always get more done.


Ask for help when you need it most

Looking after kids and house and all else is going to get overwhelming – there is no way around it. Sometimes you’ll feel in control and other times you’ll feel like you’re drowning. Make sure to ask for help whenever you need it; from your mum, your partner, your friends, other business owners. Never feel like you should be managing it all yourself or guilty that you’re not doing enough – we all need help from time to time.

Perfection is not everything

If you’re waiting for everything to be perfect, you may never get your business off the ground. Perfection will happen with practice. Once your plans are viable, get started on them and then review on an ongoing basis – making changes where necessary. Remember that you do not need to go all out in your first months, you are allowed to grow through trial and error.

Make time for yourself

It is very important to take a break especially when you are feeling stressed out. Nothing helpful will ever come if you’re too tired to think or act. Even if it’s 5 minutes of mindfulness in your office chair every day – do something that gives back to you.

And above all, make sure that you have fun. Running a business can be hard work, stressful and challenging – so try and enjoy it – even in the tougher times.


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