Baby Blues & Running Shoes

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You know it’s what you wanted, you were a willing participant in making it happen but no one ever told you it was going to be this hard. Sleepless nights, teething problems, and the amount of effort needed to get through each day.

Babies or business, both have a firm hold on your heart string and the demands for your attention. Business can be a little more flexible but no less forgiving.

When I started my business, my baby was small, so sleepless nights really impacted my ability to concentrate on my business. I had the baby blues bad, it was tough on my mindset and on my body to try and juggle my baby and my business (baby). The toughest thing was, my baby would love me and follow me regardless of what I did. My business on the other hand, demanded that I be there in front of my followers showing them what I did, how I thought about health and fitness, and how I over came the challenges that they were facing in trying to get their own health and fitness on track. It was a tough time! Through it all I found that getting out and being active, helped my focus and helped to clear my head. Running was my go to therapy on the tough days. I would tie on my running shoes and pound that pavement. Some days I ran, some days I walked, but each day I did something.

I learnt over time that the same went for business, doing a little something each day helped to grow and build my business. I have gone from a nobody, to being recognised when I meet people. It’s a very satisfying feeling.

Running is hard! you set out with determination, a fire in your belly and you’re determined to go the distance. You do great for the first 800mtrs or so, then it doesn’t seem all that fun, your legs start to burn, your lungs fell like they are about to burst, and your head is screaming at you to quit, and if you were to listen closely past the pounding of your heart, echoing in your ears, you would hear yourself give some very valid reasons why you should quit. You even consider it for a moment. If you quit now who is going to run for you? Who is going to be able to finish what you set out to achieve? Who is going to see the victory in crossing the finish line knowing that you overcame the challenges, the hills and the muddy creeks and achieved what you set out to do? No one but YOU!

The same goes for running a business. At times it is incredibly tough, but in the end it is very rewarding. Tie on your running shoes, hit the track with determination and focus, before you know it you will be kicking goals.

As the year comes to a close, reflect on the race you’ve run and high five yourself for your achievements big and small and cross that finish line with your chest out, your chin held high, proud that you are continuing the race, and for what YOU’VE achieved in health, fitness & in Business in 2016. Go You!


reflect on achievementWritten by Tina Horwood of FIIT Mumma, a past fatty, mum of two and personal trainer, Tina’s passion for fitness and her own journey to a healthy fit lifestyle inspires Mummas across Australia to achieve their own ultimate body goal.

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