Benefits of working with bloggers

I am new to the blogging world. I started my food and garden blog A Fresh Legacy-A leaf from my garden 4 months ago.

benefits of working with bloggers

I live in a regional area outside of Melbourne. I approached a number of local businesses in the first months of starting my blog to see if they would be interested in a mutually beneficial working relationship. I dreamily assumed that local businesses and producers would be thrilled to be able to show case their fabulous products to readers on my new blog. Ummmm- no……not so far

This is what I found:

  • Many businesses have not set up a web presence – they do not have a web page. Subsequently they do not utilise any forms of social media
  • Many people do not know what a blog is or how to access one
  • Seasonal activity of the business is important to keep in mind when you approach a business. Eg: It is unlikely that a retail business will speak with you in the lead up to Christmas.
  • Producers are very busy people. As well as operate their business they may also attend farmers markets and other events to show-case their product. Finding the right time to approach is difficult.

I have found that any of these items can put an immediate STOP to discussions.

Maybe it was my approach, maybe they sensed my nervousness, and maybe they were just confused by the whole thing?

I am definitely not qualified to speak on behalf of bloggers but here are a few opportunities I think a brand, or business could gain by working with a well-matched blogger:

1. A Blogger is your customer – Most bloggers are only interested in providing a review, giveaways or accepting sponsorship from brands that they personally use and/or think would be of benefit to their readers.

2. A well matched blogger and brand have the same target audience. A Brand can benefit from the exposure to the high volume for traffic that a blog may generate.

3. A blogger provides on-the- ground, honest, immediate feedback and provides a forum for your customers to provide theirs.

4. You can establish direct contact with customers to review or try product, comment on service, expectations or other areas of importance to the business.

5. Bloggers are excellent networkers. They use multiple communication channels to reach their audience and to maintain contact with other bloggers in their network. Each of these channels can provide an opportunity for a brand to be promoted. Some examples of channels used are:

Facebook, Twitter, Blog, Google Plus, Stumble, Email/Newsletters, Conferences, Events, Print media, Print (eg: published book), E-book

6. Once a post is added to a blog it has a long life span. It is not just accessed the one day that it is published, but ongoing via search engine traffic (eg: Google search)

7. Depending on the type of relationship established between the two parties – advertising on a blog is inexpensive compared to print media advertising.

If you are a brand/producer reading this post then I hope that my list will encourage you to commence building your business in new ways. There are many opportunities to be gained from working with Bloggers, many opportunities to reach new customers and raise the profile of your products or services.

Kyrstie writes a food and garden blog called A Fresh Legacy- A leaf from my garden. She shares the joy of a productive garden and her passion for cooking with fresh produce. Fresh healthy recipes, home grown and home made with the help of Punky (4 years) and Cuddles (1 year). A contemporary twist on tradition.

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  1. Mez says:

    Great post Kyrstie, very interesting. I find it hard sometimes to have the confidence to put myself out there and it takes guts to approach people. There is a world of possibilities out there! Cheers, Mez

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