Beware the Should in business

Written by Alli Price

Starting a business is kind of like being pregnant. Everyone wants to tell you what they think you should do to get off to the best start.

beware the shouldAnd just like the advice you get when you’re having a baby, most of the advice you get is either:

  1. outdated
  2. advice that was right for them, not for you
  3. great advice but you’re just one person so how do they expect you have the time/energy/money for that should, or
  4. just plain wrong

However, when starting out in business (or having a baby) we are at our most vulnerable. This is the time we are most likely to take that should on board and run with it – often to our detriment.


Are you tired of people telling you what you should be doing in biz? Click to tweet.

When someone tells you should in biz – how do you know if you should listen? Click to tweet.

No, you shouldn’t have to have a $7 000 website. You also don’t have to be across all social media platforms, need 50 000 flyers printed or get those business cards embossed in gold.

So, how to separate the good should from the well-meaning but probably incorrect should?

These tips can help:

  1. anytime someone says you should do something, remind yourself what they’re really saying is they recommend you do it. Doesn’t sound so necessary now, does it?
  2. ask yourself ‘why is this person telling me this should – do they stand to benefit in some way from it?’
  3. ask for feedback from more than one person, ask on forums or FB pages to get a more well-rounded view of the should
  4. remind yourself that only you know the vision for your business, your experiences and your skills and therefore, trust your gut if a should doesn’t feel right for you
  5. remember that there is more than one way to skin a cat so the should you’re being encouraged to take on board probably isn’t the only way

So, that’s it from me – these tips should help (tee hee). And good luck on your new business, baby… or both!

What have you been told you should do in business? How did it work out for you?

Cheers, Alli x

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One Response to Beware the Should in business

  1. ana says:

    great post Alli, the intentions are usually good, but it’s important to follow your gut feelings too. On the website note, yep you don’t have to spend 7000, but there are very good reasons not to go for the $350 one as well. Choose a good agency, that can sell you a good and efficient template from about $995, that will save you in the long run and work and look as good as the $7000 one you were quoted.

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