Bitdefender Anti-virus Software Review

This post brought to you by Bitdefender. Independent review by Amy de Putron, Motivating Mum Marketing Teamanti virus review

I have been asked to trial some antivirus software and write a review for you. As a total non-techie, at first I panicked, but then I realised I could certainly offer a valuable run down of how easy it is to install and use from the perspective of a mum in business, operating from home, because this is what I do.

The software in question is Bitdefender Small Office Security. According to its slogan – “It’s Powerfully Simple” and simple is what I need. This is not a technical review but one that should help you decide if this is the product for you, if you are like me and know very little about viruses and antivirus software, and just need peace of mind that you are purchasing a reliable and trusted product that is easy to use.

The product specifications state that Bitdefender Small Office Security is suitable for small businesses with up to 250 users. It will protect Windows workstations or servers and Macs with highly ranked security technologies and easy to use remote management. It will allow you to gain time and boost your security with its ability to remotely deploy, control and monitor protection for all computers. From the web browser, even non-technical users (e.g. me) can administer security with ease.

From the Bitdefender website, once I worked out that I needed the cloud console rather than the on-premise console, which delivered a highly technical set of instructions which sent me back to check if I had clicked on the right thing, I was in business. Login details were immediately emailed to me and I was able to begin the installation process. Once installed, the screens used to monitor the software are fairly clear and simple. Make sure you login into your Control Centre online and read the Essential Steps and manage your business’s settings. You will have to set up the scheduled scans here for example.

After running a scan, Bitdefender picked up a couple of suspicious files which were automatically quarantined. It is easy to run scans and monitor any nasties that the software is picking up. My computer has been running well and has not slowed down at all. I am not getting any annoying windows popping up on my screen which I have found can happen when your computer is not protected properly.

This product apparently employs technologies which consistently rank first in major independent tests from AV-Test, AV-Comparatives and Virus Bulletin and Bitdefender was this year’s Best Anti-Virus winner in PC Magazine.

I’d say you have nothing to lose by downloading the free 30 day trial and seeing how it goes. For $249 you can protect up to 5 users – not a bad investment for peace of mind that your business is well protected. Bitdefender also offers, free local support by phone or email, local time.

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