Biz Mums Blogging Carnival April 2013

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Welcome to the Biz Mums Blogging Carnival for April!

Great blogs written by clever women? Check. Blogs that are informative, educational or just plain interesting? Check. Cup of tea and a little time on your hands? Check. Then read on! Oh, and don’t forget to leave a little comment.

Cheers! Alli x

Loren Bartley of Impactiv8 is talking Facebook page timelines and how to demystifying the admin panel. Facebook has recently made some changes to the Admin Panel, so now is a great time to take another look at the Admin Panel and how you can best use it to manage your Facebook Page.

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Johanna Baker-Dowdell, Strawberry Communications tells you What to do When a Journalist Calls. This informative blog gives you five quick tips on to help you respond to a media call like a pro.

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Virginia Norton from Tick The Box talks about XOXO vs Kind Regards - Which side are you on? We all send and receive 100’s of emails a week with  email sign offs varying from the kisses and hugs xxoo, to no hugs, cheers, thank you, regards, best regards, warm regards and so the list goes on.

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Amanda Lapthorne from Sunshine Mumma shares a cheesecake recipe with a twist – delicious and guilt free! Yummo!

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Shari Brewer from Family Survival Coach introduces the Aussie Mums – Keeping it Real project. If your household is less shiny and perfect than a washing powder commercial, then you most certainly have got a motherhood story we’d love to share.

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Ana Urban from iformat is talking keyword relevance in her blog on Basic SEO Keyword Research Part III. In this article about the basics of SEO keyword research, you will learn about keyword relevance and and how it creates an impact on your webpage SEP or your website as a whole.

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Sarah Willoughby of Willoughbys Finance Accounting & Taxation talks us through The Power of Positive Psychology - How will your wellbeing get you through the tough times in business.

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Chris Crowe from C Squared Virtual Admin Services talks about how footy is back – what’s that got to do with Business? How will you be kicking goals in your Biz this footy season?

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Are you still getting facebook spam from other businesses? Judi Gray from Blue Bird Internet Marketing and Social Media has prepared a little reminder article on facebook etiquette for businesses and how to remove spammers.

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Dorothy Krajewski from Singular Insanity takes us through the steps to write a better blog post.

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Amanda Jesnoewski from Adventures and Misadventures of a Mummypreneur has written a blog on What toddlers can teach you about negotiation - Negotiation 101 – toddler style.

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How to thank your customers. Find out how one of my lovely clients thanked me recently.

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