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Giveaway Monday – Review of a product for mums in business

We created a business plan when we started, that I thought I was sticking to, but it was getting fuzzy around the edges. Truth is I had not referred to it in a while. I was so busy working in my business I just didn’t seem to have time to do much planning. I felt like I was always working on today or tomorrow, not for next year.

bizplantastic workbook coverGoing through BIZPLANTASTIC was a great way to review my business plan again, in a very specific, focused way. The guide helped me get into the head space where I took a look at the big picture and then step by step it guided me on how to break that down to projects and tasks.

It didn’t take me long to start scribbling all through the print outs and I have ripped out one of the quotes for my wall. I have a monthly plan and a year overview. When I look at these plans I feel like I’m in control of where I’m going. . One of my new monthly tasks is a quick revisit to the BIZPLANTASTIC guide and a review of my vision and plans.

business planning toolA little more on Karen Gunton, Build a Little Biz

Karen Gunton is a writer, teacher and image creator. Her passion is helping women in biz get unstuck and shine online.  She runs online workshops and classes on visual marketing and visual content creation to teach biz owners how to easily create their own images for marketing their business in a way that will stand out from the crowd.

business planning toolReviewed by Helle Warming, Lucas loves cars

Do you know a boy that loves cars and trucks? At Lucas loves cars we make it easy to find something he will love. We have a large range of wooden cars, toy trucks, books, puzzles, clothing, hats, bags and a whole lot more.

The giveaway

BIZPLANTASTIC is the business plan for dreamers and doers. It is the perfect mix of instruction, ideas, inspiration, and flexibility: your biz, your plan, your way. Planning will help you take your vision and make it a reality, and that is what i really want for you.

We are giving away 3 x copies of the BIZPLANTASTIC ebook, valued at $33 each. For your chance to win a free BIZPLANATSTIC ebook, simply comment on the blog below on what you find hardest about planning for your business? Please post all comments by this Friday 4th April 2014.

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12 Responses to Win a BIZPLANTASTIC business plan

  1. You are absolutely right, sometimes we have to look ahead of us. The best way to do that is right down every idea that pops in our mind, so if in case we missed something as we go along, we can just go back to our notes.

  2. Hi,

    I find if I already have questions mapped out in front of me giving me advice on or asking me what my goals are and what my SWOTS, etc I can go back and look at it and refresh my memory and the light switches on again and reminds why I am in business and why I am passionate about it.

  3. kirti says:

    I am just starting my business. I find difficult about howto start my business. Am I making right goals and are my pictures look good on my page?

  4. Grace Keogh says:

    This BIZPLANTASTIC sounds like exactly what I need to get focused on my own business. Not having a clear vision when I jumped into my business has meant that I have lots of little lanterns burning all over the place, but what I really need to do this ‘thing’ seriously is to focus and bring those lanterns together to create a unified brilliance that is ‘my business’ . Karen’s blog helps me heaps already on this front, having access to her ebook would be fantastic :)

  5. Jodie Daniel says:

    I find it hardest to transfer my business “plan” from my mind onto paper. Most business plan templates are designed for businesses with staff, who require finance… which I don’t need. I need a “plan” that will give me direction… that will collate my ideas… that will be inspire me and ideally be used like a business bible that I can continually refer to throughout the year. And a business plan that doesn’t need a finance degree to create!

  6. I find it very hard to plan for my business! I generally am lacking time with 3 little girls and when I do have time, I find it very difficult to make decisions and stick to them with so many ideas churning around in my head! I would love to win this and gain some clarity on better planning for my little business.

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