Branding Yourself For Success

Excerpt from “Branding Yourself For Success” by Ramona Lever

Your Profile pics have to capture the personal brand you want to communicate. You MUST have professional headshots if you’re serious about your business. If you can’t invest in yourself why should your clients? Here’s my advice on getting great images of yourself to use for all your social media.

branding1. Make sure you are booking a photographer that specialises in headshots. Many photographers are shooting weddings and events and headshots on the side to create more income. Seek out an expert photographer that knows about Personal Branding so they can capture your unique personality.

2. Talk to the photographer before your session, send emails or upload images you love. Convey your message across to them. Be clear about your brand. Are you fun, quirky, the quiet type?

3. If you’re having a photo shoot because you need a variety of images for your website – work out whether you need them to be shot in landscape or portrait.

4. Tell the photographer if you need blank space for graphics and text.

5. Bring along any props needed – i-pads, phones, laptops etc.

6. I recommend you have your make-up and hair styled by a professional for your shoot. All professional branding photographers should have their own team on hand to make you look and feel amazing.

7. Bring more outfits than you need for your photo shoot sometimes certain colours / shapes just don’t work. Having backup outfits have saved the day in my studio.


Lastly and most importantly do some research before your photo shoot. The more informed you are the better you can control the outcome. When choosing your photographer look at their work to confirm you like their style and their ability to capture great headshots. Have a chat with them to make sure you connect and if you have any questions get them out before you book in. It should be a fun and enjoyable experience.


Ramona Lever

Intuitive Photographer | Personal Bragging Mentor | Lover of Life 

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2 Responses to Branding Yourself For Success

  1. Hi Romona,

    Great tips… Any advice for people who hate taking photos? (like me!)


    • Ramona Lever says:

      Hey Naomi, Most of my clients (myself included!) hate having their photos taken, Thats why is so important that you use a Professional Branding Headshot photographer that gets how you feel and can make you feel uber comfortable. It’s easy with me because I am a self confessed dag – so we have so much fun in the studio. Find someone you know will relax you and make the day fun. Good luck. x

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