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Giveaway Monday – Book review

If there was one book I wish I’d had when I first found out I was pregnant, this is it… unfortunately it wasn’t available back then.

As someone determined to balance a full-time career with being a mum, this book would have been gold, and saved me a lot of heartache. Then again, I might not be working in my own business now (totally enjoying myself I must say – at least most days!)

While the book is aimed more at women who wish to rejoin the paid workforce, and contains a considerable amount of attention paid to finding a job and negotiating flexible working arrangements, it still has loads of great advice for mums running their own business, including a short section on the pros and cons of being a business mum.

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The tone of the book is very matter-of-fact, and it is obvious that both Kate and Allison have been there, done that. It is very positive and approachable, but is also quite clear about taking responsibility for yourself, and rising above your “mummy brain”. Fortunately it contains a wealth of tips to help you do just that. There are also some great case studies from both employed and self-employed mums, so you know you are not alone.

In particular, I found the sections on building self-confidence, sorting out the home front and streamlining your life were incredibly practical and relevant. There are certainly some areas of my current life that need attention, and I will be revisiting this book over the coming months to help me introduce some changes.

CareerMums is an easy read (I knocked it off in one afternoon), full of practical advice that every mum returning to work in Australia should have. Be aware though, it will not tell you how to run your business, get your toddler to keep up their day sleeps or how to stop your small child from interrupting EVERY time you pick up the phone, even if it does tell you how to sort out your wardrobe.

I’m hoping this pair will write a similar book especially for mumpreneurs, so that we have our own little “work/life balance” bible too.

A little more on the authors:

Kate Sykes is the founder of, Australia’s first dedicated careers centre and jobs board for working parents and parents returning to work. Allison Tait is an experienced journalist who has been writing for books, magazines, newspapers and websites for more years than she cares to remember. Between them, they have five children, two husbands and an understanding that parents need a practical game plan to get them back to work and to help them stay there. Career Mums is that game plan.

You can buy Career Mums here, and chat to Kate and Allison on the Career Mums Facebook page.

Reviewed by:      

Cath Connell from Leaf started her eco-friendly paper communications business, Leaf, after inspiration struck her days before a redundancy from her marketing role in “Big Corporate”.wahm, mumpreneur

Creating products that help kids find their voices, tap into their creativity and think for themselves is the main focus of Leaf at the moment. Although she also hopes to reinvigorate the art of personal story telling, building greater understanding and shared human experience, not to mention having some good belly laughs over a vino or two with friends.

She lives on the side of a hill (with an awesome view) and is the mother of an active 5 year old mountain goat!

The giveaway:

Career Mums is giving away TWO books worth $19.95 each! To win, leave a comment below telling us which aspect of parenting you wish you had a “survival guide” for.

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21 Responses to Career Mums – the survival guide for working mums

  1. Alli says:

    Congratulations Ursula Boseley and Kylie Pringle! You are the winners of the two copies of Career Mums! x

  2. Jane says:

    I’d love a survival tip on switching and hanging up when the kids get home from school. Being done with the phone and being ‘present’ with my family.

    B-A-L-A-N-C-I-N-G! Is it possible?

  3. Samantha says:

    An aspect that guidance would have been helpful with is…

    The food throwing, I had no idea that I would slave away for a few hours cooking lovely and healthy meals, but then to see it all be used like finger paint and thrown up the walls!!

    Thank goodness I have a dog who loves meal time and is my very own automatic vacuum cleaner!

  4. Sandra says:

    It is all so hard – but a survival guide on how to survive with little or no sleep would be a best seller.

  5. Joanne says:

    Prioritising my time…. Your mummy heart and your business head seem to pull you in two different directions – it’s hard to fit everything in…

  6. Michele says:

    ALL OF IT! I can’t pick one I’m sorry…I constantly feel like I’m drowning in it all.
    The constant feeling like you can’t give anything 100% get’s me down :(
    So I guess TIME MANAGEMENT…NO ALL OF IT! ha ha

  7. leanne says:

    With my second child 9 weeks away, I would love this guide to help get through as when I had Yasmin i didn’t run a business, Yasmin is 4 now and my Business 3 years old and there so much to do!!

  8. Leaving the guilt behind. Mother guilt is horrid and I wish there was a way to feel good about doing what you are doing without feeling guilty all the time!

  9. Kylie Pringle says:

    One aspect of parenting that I’d love some guidance on would be how to keep my patience when it’s the end of the day and all you want to do is sit down … but there is still soooo much to do and the kids won’t go to sleep (even now when they’re 11 & 9)!!!!! =)

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  11. Suzi says:

    I wish I had a survival guide on how to manage the ability to function when you are actually feeling like a complete zombie after juggling no sleep, very enthusiastic kids and work

  12. Eryka says:

    Wow which part of being a parent do I wish I had survival guide on…. Can’t pick just one as it is constantly changing. However toddler behavior is a big one, a guide on how to best handle the toddler years and tantrums!!

  13. Ursula Boseley says:

    I wish I had a bible on how to handle sibling rivalry. I have 2 sons, one aged 12 and another aged 5. I thought that rivalry would be scarce with this age gap. Nope, just as rife as with any other family with more than one child. The incidents range from sublime to absolutely ridiculous. I cannot pin it to one child. They’re both equally challenging in their approach to one another. Funnily enough, there’s no time for the adults to be challenging with each other because managing the boys can be full on and tiring. So, a lovely rule book would be most welcome in our house. :0)

    • Alli says:

      Ursula Boseley » Gosh Ursula, I wish I could help you – my sister and I used to be at each other like cat and dog. Best news is that we get along now – if that helps at all?! x

  14. Kylie Ofiu says:

    I wish I had a book that was a survival guide on how to blend your parenting styles, how to find harmony between your upbringing and how you want to raise you children with the upbringing and desires of your partner, which can vary greatly.

  15. At the moment I wish I had a book that will help me juggle the struggles with the terrible twos who eats nothing but frozen peas and sweetcorn, mixed in with a 9 month old not sleeping longer than 4 hours a night, plus being 9 months and won’t stand on his feet.

  16. Lisa Wood says:

    I so wished I had help with 2 year old tantrums – that are occuring in our 13 year old son :)
    Also wished i had read a book that taught me how to have more patience, laugh more, and be kinder to myself when dealing with my five active boys :)

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