Celebrating your Wins

celebrating your winsAs the end of the year draws near and you prepare for celebrating Christmas with your friends and loved ones, it’s a good time to reflect on how 2016 was for you and your business. This is an important step to do before you go into planning mode for 2017. This allows you to acknowledge the challenges you faced and overcame and to celebrate the wins you had. The challenges we all face are an important part of our overall personal and professional development. They teach us to be creative in our thinking, when we try to resolve problems that arise that need a different approach. They can teach us to dig deep and discover and draw upon the infinite pool of strength and awesomeness we all have within us.

Our tendency when reflecting on the year that was, is to focus on the goals we didn’t achieve, instead of the wins we scored. Even if you were unable to do anything new this year to grow your business and just focused on keeping it going, whilst juggling children, this is enough of a reason to celebrate. Let’s not forget the fact that you had the courage to turn your back on the 9-5 work for somebody else model of employment and start your own journey as an entrepreneur. This achievement alone should be celebrated every day.

For me personally, 2016 has been a year of overcoming challenges with my mental and physical health and accepting the limitations on my time and energy as I care for my 3 year old twins. We have just completed our first full year of part-time childcare. My boys, husband and I were all sicker this year than we’ve ever been, with at least 1 child sick on a weekly basis with a virus, cough, infection etc. This meant rescheduling clients and putting many things I wanted to achieve in my business this year on the backburner.

Despite the challenges my family and I faced this year, I overcame them and achieved many wins. I held a firm grasp on my weekly me-time and attended yoga as much as my health and husband’s work schedule allowed. I completed 4 out of 6 module of a new muscle release therapy I will be specialising in next year. I discovered my passion for writing and wrote 6 bi-monthly articles for Motivating Mum. I also attracted many new clients who have become regulars and managed to connect with some amazing and inspiring businesswoman, both within my Motivating Mum network group and at networking events. Most significantly, I got up each morning and no matter how tired I was, I just kept going and marching forward. I didn’t give up on my business. I resisted the temptation to go back to the corporate world and an easy 9-5 admin job, during the times it all felt too hard. I didn’t lose sight of my big vision for my family and my business and I made some small but positive inroads towards this vision. Plus I learnt a valuable lesson of not being ashamed to ask for and accept help from others. Something I found very challenging to do. Sometimes, I simply can’t do it all…and that’s OK. So I’m proud of myself for all I’ve achieve this year!

A long series of minor illnesses this year was a big wakeup call to me that my health needs to be moved up my priority list in the new year. I am the centre of my family and if I am not in the best physical, emotional, spiritual and mental shape possible, my household and my business won’t function at optimal levels. Therefore, my vision board for 2017 will focus heavily on my health and the business bits and pieces I wasn’t about to get to this year. These things will include going to bed earlier, less television and more reading, cutting out junkfood, meditation, incorporating exercise into my workdays and most importantly cutting the bullshit! No more excuses about why I can’t do any of these things. The time has come to step fully into a stronger and healthier version of myself.

Happy reflecting on your inner awesomeness and all you’ve achieved this year fellow likeminded souls. I wish you an extraordinary year ahead!


celebrating your winsMelissa Mills from Like Minded Souls Natural Therapies, offers mobile massage, Reiki healing and intuitive readings across the eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

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