Clever ideas for decking out your home office on a budget

Budget Friendly ideas for your home officeHow to achieve a designer look for your home office without costing the earth

Let’s face it, if you work from home, most women who choose to do this start off small and build up and maybe even expand into a rented office off site. Setting up your home office does not need to be an expensive exercise to begin with. After all, you don’t want all of your profits to be tied up in overpriced office furniture, you’d much rather invest your money back into your business, or contribute to the household income.

So how do we decorate on a budget and still look professional and up to date? Read on for my clever suggestions of places to go to get the items which will add that little bit of pizazz without breaking the bank!

Inexpensive furniture – for furniture that looks stylish and has an up to date simple appeal you can’t go past the offerings at K Mart. They have a whole section dedicated to the home office where you can pick up a desk, office chair and shelf for under $200!

Thrift finds – opp shops and second hand dealers are a treasure trove for anything that might have some character. An old desk with a lick of paint can come up as good as new and will be uniquely your own.

Ebay – by searching online auction sites such as Ebay & Gumtree you may just come across quite good quality furniture at good prices. People often sell unused or disguarded office furniture items, businesses relocating or upgrading their offices might also wish to offload often good quality pieces that are too good to throw away. So you may just find the treasure you were looking for!

Whiteboard – Using a whiteboard helps you to jot down your notes, ideas and to-do lists. Can’t afford a custom made white board in your home office? Why not paint it on your wall instead? Writey Board Australia sell their whiteboard paint kit online. Prices start from $89, this is an affordable way of getting that corporate look at home.

Plants – indoor plants have made a huge comeback in interior design. Plants come in many forms and different types of vessels which can be an inexpensive addition to your décor. Look for hardy plants which suit the aspect of your room, whether your office is in direct sun or low light, there is a plant suited to either of these conditions. Short on desk space, then why not introduce a hanging terrarium plant, also making a comeback.

Budget Friendly ideas for your home office

Artwork – One way of adding some great decoration to your office that is also practical is to hang a series of clip boards on the wall to display your projects, ideas, memo or photos. These can act as the artwork for your office, while serving a purpose.

If you are a creative and need to have inspiration around you, then make your mood board a masterpiece. Upcycle an old frame, paint it and stick your inspirational or vision board items up on it.

Shelving – Can’t afford built in shelving? The Ikea Billy bookcase with stylish baskets keeps all your files together. You may then wish to add coloured boxes for storage within these cubes to create a unified colour scheme. Search at Officeworks or Kmart.

Flooring – want some warmth underfoot in your home office? Why not consider carpet tiles? They are inexpensive, easy to install and better still, easy to remove when you fancy a change. You may wish to select a number of different patterns to create a novel and fun space.


There you are, no more using the excuse that it is too expensive to work in a tastefully decorated office space, follow these tips to make working from home a pleasure!


Budget Friendly ideas for your home officeTania Bell, Green Room Interiors 

Green Room Interiors create colourful spaces that make their client’s heart sing!

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  1. Kathryn Ruddick says:

    Great tips Tania. I love that indoor plants are coming back in, so soothing!

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