Client Friendly Home Office

Client Friendly home officeFor those of us who work from home, let’s face it, sometimes it’s easy not to care too much about how your office looks, since it is only you using the space right? But what about those who have clients or business contacts visit their workspace on a regular basis? How do we keep the office looking professional and also functional in a domestic setting?

Location, location, location – the best spot for your home office is right as you walk in the front door it could even have a separate entrance. This way clients are not traipsing all through your home to reach your office space. If you are able, screen off the rest of the living space or even put up a wall or partition. This will help keep business where it is meant to be and your family life completely separate.

Space for two or three… – if you are presenting concepts or reports to clients you will need a space to do this and a counter top. Consider adding in a bench or if space permits a decorative desk or small table. Accompany this with comfortable stools, ensuring they are well padded for extra comfort. Perhaps you may not have the space for this, then you may wish to add in a couple of brightly upholstered occasional chairs with a small side table. Make sure there is a designated space away from your desk top to conduct those special meetings with clients.

kaboompics.com_Conference table with chairs. View from above


Glam it up a bit – your home office may be a workspace, but that’s no excuse for a lack of imagination. Say goodbye to the boring black leather chairs from Officeworks and introduce a beautiful chair in a vibrant hue, artwork on the wall and matching desk accessories. This makes for an inviting place to work. Considering a freestanding desk? Add a textured rug to disguise your cumbersome computer cords, or consider installing a power outlet on the floor under your desk.

Client Friendly home office

Small office? – Your home office doesn’t have to be big to make a good impression. Enhance a small space by sticking to a single monochromatic colour scheme for fixtures and furnishings, such as a warm grey / beige. Play up the textural effect with a mix of materials: a chunky rug, smooth wooden desk, rustic exposed beams and raw brickwork combine to eye-catching effect. That way the client’s eye will rest easy when entering the room and provide a comfortable setting where they will feel at ease.

Open plan house? – How does one incorporate a home office into an open-plan house? A clever idea is to enclose a nook with a glass wall and door. This marks out a dedicated space and protects against the distractions of a noisy household. Natural light flows in and makes it feel more of an open space while maintaining privacy.

Storage – Have a lot of paperwork you need to keep under wraps or out of sight? One way to keep your office looking neat and tidy is to have built in shelving behind sliding doors or cupboards. That way when preparing for a client to visit, it won’t be an onerous task to present your space in the best light. Be generous with shelving to ensure a clutter-free desk.

There you go, some useful tips on making your workspace a place your clients will rave about and look forward to that next meeting!


Client Friendly home officeTania Bell, Green Room Interiors 

Green Room Interiors create colourful spaces that make their client’s heart sing!

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