Do you really know why people buy from you?

This is a guest post written by Simone Outteridge, Diamond Profit Solutions

Mastering the art of Sales is like solving a puzzle in an Indiana Jones movie.

You run through the caves picking up ancient pieces of the puzzle. You have all the pieces on the board. Finally, the last piece gets put into place and then a door that you didn’t know existed opens right before your eyes!

Selling & PricingThere are many different pieces of the buyers’ puzzle that it’s your job as the seller to discover.

Understanding why someone is buying from you is just one of those puzzle pieces.

It’s crucial to ask questions and uncover what your prospect needs or wants.

What is motivating them to find a solution to the problem they have?

A very good friend of mine and master Seller, introduced me to this concept that I would now like to share with you.

These are 4 very common reasons people buy.

It is up to you to ask questions and listen to the information given from your prospect, to work out which is the leading motivator. But once you do, it makes your selling life so much easier because you can start to speak a language that your prospect can relate to and connect with.

1. Making Life Easier – Does your product or service make life easy for your prospect?

Lots of my friends have invested in a Thermomix. It’s a machine that does all kinds of cooking in the kitchen (I think it stops short of making a cup of tea!)

Everyone I know who is in possession of one raves about how it makes life easy for them because it reduces the amount of work and time in the kitchen.

Common words used by a buyer who has this as a leading motivator are: complicated, juggling, complex, time constraints, overwhelmed.

2. Gives a competitive advantage – Does your product or service give your buyer something their competitors wouldn’t have?

This could be as simple as a new handbag which makes the person carrying it feel like they are richer, prettier (insert word here) than the next person.

Words you may hear being used when this is the leading motivator: stand out, competitive, differentiate, get the attention.

3. Do you lower risk for your prospect – Fear sells. Be it real or perceived, fear sells. Some people say fear sells more then sex! Does your product take away the fear? Lower the risk?

The obvious example that springs to mind is life insurance. Obviously a hot and fearful topic at the moment, given the amount of marketing going on.

Some words you might here from people who are fearful and have this as a leading motivator – afraid, unsure, guarantee, risk and assurance.

4. Increase profits – Put simply, do you help people make more money?

This is quite often the leading motivator. Everyone wants more money, don’t they?

Your product or service could help make more money by saving money or it could be about increasing sales. Both increase profits.

These are some words you may hear from your prospects who have this as their leading buying motivator – invest, results, growth, increase profits, margins, deals, price war, losing money.

You’re prospect is buying to solve a problem or meet a need. Taking the time to ask questions and simply LISTEN to what you are being told, will allow you to focus more on the customer and what they are telling you you need to do in order to win their business.

Snap this piece of the puzzle into place and you are firmly on your way to making a sale!

Selling & Pricing


Simone Outteridge from Diamond Profit Solutions - Empowering women entrepreneurs to sell effortlessly, and love it!

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One Response to Do you really know why people buy from you?

  1. Hi Simone,

    Great post, you’ve given me a few things to think about!

    One addition that I would add and could also be teamed with number #1 Makes Life Easier is…

    Solve Problems…

    People come to you because they have a problem they want solved and in the fastest time possible.


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