6 ways to effectively use your driving time for business

By Alli Pricedan

I don’t know about you, but I spend a lot of time in the car. I’m driving to and from events, I’m driving to and from appointments and I’m also driving my kids around.

It’s a lot of time spent in the car – time spent not doing anything of importance – and as I’m also an extremely busy person, I really need to utilise my time as efficiently as possible.

Here are my top tips on getting the most out of your time driving in the car:

1. Listen to podcasts or webinars

Listening to podcasts or webinars is a very traditional use of time in the car and it’s also a great use of time. We probably don’t spend enough time educating and informing ourselves in business because we’re always so busy working in them – servicing our customers, trying to get sales and so on.

So when do we actually have time to just educate ourselves? Downloading a podcast or webinar to your iphone or ipod and setting it up to listen to when you’re in the car is a great way to keep your education up to date without having to take out big chunks of your time that could be used spent working in the business.

2. Brainstorm points for your social media

Another great use of time in the car is setting up your iPhone to voice memo or recording and just brainstorm loads of different ideas for your social media.

You can set yourself the task of brainstorming a whole load of interactive posts. These are the posts where you ask questions of your audience with the aim of them answering.

You could brainstorm a list of benefits of working with you that you can then be scheduled onto social media. Or they could be your sales shouts – highlighting the different products and services that you sell.

You can then use that recording, and either schedule the posts yourself or send them to a VA or admin person and ask them to schedule them for you. Voila! The most efficient use of your time!

3. Practice your guest speaking and talks

If you become a guest speaker and need a time and place to practice your talks,the car is the best place!

If you have an hour talk to practice, to take that time out of your business day is huge. That’s why reciting it over and over again on your car trips is ideal as you’re not doing anything else anyway.

To practice, I set up my phone with my timer and take my points on a piece of paper to remind myself, if needed. The only problem is that you may look a little crazy talking to yourself in the car!

4. Put together a blog post

You can actually put together a blog post while you’re driving in the car (or more than one blog post).

I dictate all the information out onto my voice memo on my phone and type it myself later, or have someone else do it for me.

Be sure to dictate where headings should go in, a meta description for the post, any keywords and the category it should be listed under.

5. Relieve stress

Although there are great ways to use the car for business, don’t always use it for work as it could end up being tiring and draining.

Take time out of your day to turn the music up really loud, sing and dance in the car, and forget about business for a while so when you get home you’re feeling fresh and revived.

6. Affirmations

We’re all trying to create something in business, trying to achieve our goals, reach places we want to go and become the people we want to become.

Try using the car for affirmations as, whilst driving, you have the time and space to really focus on saying them.

To do it well, write your positive statement on paper and stick it in the middle of your steering wheel so it is a reminder to you every time you’re in the car.

Repeat them over and over again, or use them for visualizing for where you want to go and what you want to achieve. You could put a picture of Bali on your steering wheel if that’s where you want to go on your next holiday tell yourself “I’m holidaying in Bali in December”.

So those are my top tips for using the car efficiently and effectively for business. And the proof is in the pudding – this blog post was recorded in the car, on my way to Shepparton. I had it typed up by my VA and boom! there’s another piece of information and education that I can put on my blog post. Now I’m going to take some time out and listen to some music.

Love to know if there’s anything else you do to make the most of your time in the car – please let me know in the comments.

Cheers! Alli x

Image courtesy of dan at FreeDigitalPhotos.net


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