Five reasons you need training materials for your business

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Do you ever wonder what would happen to your business if you got hit by a bus? Or, perhaps more realistically, you were laid low with a virus in the middle of a crazy busy work week?

Chances are the business would grind to a halt until you’d recovered. For many small businesses, all the knowledge on how the business runs is in the owner’s head. Their plan for how the business will deal with owner absences is simply…well…not to have any absences! No illness or emergencies allowed. I’ll be stating the obvious to say there are serious flaws to this plan.

If you have a business that you care about (and of course you do), you owe it to yourself and all of your hard work, to document your systems and processes, in a way that others can access when needed.

Aside from being extremely handy during emergencies, there are many more reasons why documenting your business is a great idea:

1. The act of getting your processes on paper is valuable exercise in itself. It will allow you to examine your business in detail. You may find ways to finesse what you do, reduce effort and save money.

2. If you have staff, contractors, or outsource certain jobs, having a clear description of roles and responsibilities is incredibly helpful. It will ensure everyone understands what they are meant to do, and how their role flows through to the broader business.


3. When you introduce new personnel, the process will be a whole lot smoother if everything is well documented. You’ll know what you need to run through during training, and won’t need to go over every little detail, as it’ll all be written down in a handy reference document. You can print everything up in a nicely presented training manual – a job which can be outsourced to companies such as The Print Group.

It might also be relevant to your business to have things documented to meet health and safety requirements.

Finally, if there does come a day when you decide to sell your business, having training materials, or systems and procedures documented, will be very appealing to potential buyers. They can essentially walk in to the business and start where you left off – which will make your business a much more valuable prospect to purchase.

Do you have training materials? We’d love to know why or why not. Leave your answer in the comments below.

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