5 tips to sustaining work life balance

Guest post by Aerlie Wildy, Healthy Life Coaching

If you’re a mum in business, then chances are you wear a variety of hats. It’s something we all need to do to keep our lives running smoothly, as well as our family and business – and to maintain our work life balance. It can be exhausting though, and it can lead to stress, burn out and taking it out on others.

work life balance

Here are 5 tips to help sustain your work life balance whilst wearing a variety of hats

#1 Try wearing one hat at a time. Focusing on one thing at a time means you can finish it and move to the next. Often, wearing too many hats all at the same time can lead to tasks being rushed, losing your place, inefficiency, frustration and stress.

#2 If you’re really feeling the strain on your neck from so many hats, try taking some off for a while. Decide if you really need to be wearing it, or if someone else could wear it for you. When you are feeling up to it you can slowly put them back on, or replace ones you don’t need anymore with hats that are relevant to your current circumstance, especially if your schedule, needs or wants have changed but your still wearing an old hat.

#3 Ask yourself if you really need to wear them all, or are they on your head just to make you look good. It may be adding prettiness to your personal skyline, but underneath, it might not be adding any value to you, your work, or your family. Keeping up with the hats Mrs Jones is wearing is not a sustainable strategy. She probably shops at a totally different hat shop so trying to match what she’s wearing will only weigh you down.

#4 Are there any hats that you could give to someone else? These hats don’t just belong to your working life, they are worn at home, and with your family, so check to see if your partner, kids, family, friends, or colleagues are able to wear them. Delegating your hats for someone else might even show you off as a good hat wearing role model!!

#5 Take your hats off every now and then, and give your head and shoulders a break. Let yourself enjoy the freedom, and you will feel more refreshed and energised to continue balancing your hats.

Aerlie Wildy, Certified Life Coach. Healthy Life Coaching helps busywork life balance mums create a healthy balance in their work and family life. Products include one-on-one family-focused coaching, custom designed Balance Appraisal, and Time Savvy Mums Ecourse (in the pipeline).

work life balance

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