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free marketingGuest post written by Susie Campbell, Little Black Book

For free? Gotta’ be a catch you say? Nope. My motto is; don’t pay for anything unless you have to. Let’s face it, when you are new to business, everyone around you seems to be so much more efficient, have all the latest business gadgets and technology, seems to be in every magazine and just seems to be cutting it. You on the other hand, are about to launch and have a long list of all the ‘must haves’ which all cost an arm and a leg. But you need them, right? Wrong.

Basically, you think that is the way to do it because the majority do it that way and your competitors have done it that way too. So throw out all those preconceived ideas and let’s try something different…stay with me! First write that list of ‘must-haves’ and then cross out ‘must have’ and write ‘useful once I have my first (x) clients/turning over (x) amount’. Now start thinking ‘I don’t have the money so how else could I do this?’ You must now start your business on half the budget you allocated or better still, an almost zero budget. Come on, you are a mum and/or small business start-up, you want to run your own business, but you have virtually no spare cash to invest. Don’t let it stop you!

It is possible and I am open to anyone who fancies giving it a go, to challenge me! Service or product based businesses; the opportunities are endless. It is all about being creative; thinking a wee bit differently from the crowd, being driven by the fact that you have no money for all the usual business paraphernalia and by applying a bit of brazen cheek and asking for things! Swap, barter, trade, borrow…can’t afford a website, no problem. It can wait or you can find someone who will do one for you in exchange for your skills. Can’t afford to pay for ads on FB, no problem, swap posts with some businesses with the same target market. Need retail premises? No problem, stick your products into another store with products to compliment yours and pay them a commission or leave them on consignment. This is all about building and promoting your business now, to generate enough money to be able to afford the things you ideally want, later. And hey, you may find that you never need the things you thought you wanted and now have more cash to spend on growth!

I will leave you with this – I did not have a website until 18months into business, nor a Facebook page or other social media presence, however I had a growing business and have clients across Australia and have not spent a dollar on advertising. I have a computer, a mobile phone, a mouth and a mind. Use em! Get creative and start getting out there! Susie Campbell from Little Black Book Marketing: Marketing support and the use of some good old natter, to create lasting business alliances.


Susie Campbell from Little Black Book

Marketing support and the use of some good old natter, to create lasting business alliances.

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