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creative tools for businessIt’s so easy to get caught up in the day-to-day grind of running your own business. A quick way to inject some creativity and revitalise your business is to see things from a different perspective. In this blog, I’ll walk you through a simple and practical exercise to get more ideas for your business.

The Random Word Tool helps us see an issue from another view. With this tool, you pick a random word and try to connect your topic to this random word in as many ways as you can.

Let me take you through an example. You might want to review your product or service offering and see how you could tweak it to give more value and make it more enticing to buy.

1) Choose a random word

Open up a dictionary or book at any page and randomly put your finger on a word. Or pick anything that you can see from wherever you are. I used the latter approach when I spoke at this year’s Motivating Mum’s Brilliant Biz Mum Conference. The audience picked the emergency exit sign above the doorway as our ‘random word’. The sign had a white picture of a stick figure next to an arrow going through a doorway – all on a green background.

2) Next, think about your random word in connection with your issue

It also helps to use the random word to create questions that you can ask in relation to your topic. Back to our example: signs help us to communicate an idea simply or give directions. So some questions might be:

- How do you show your customer the way to your products/services?

- How do you lead your customer through your sales page or process? Can you make your sales funnel clearer?

- Are there a number of signs or points along the customer journey that you could highlight or communicate better?

- How can you improve the way you communicate the outcomes and benefits of the product/service with your customer?

Exit signs also help us to leave a situation safely and quickly. So:

- What refund or exchange policies can you put in place to make your product or service more hassle free (for you and the customer)?

- How could you improve the way you close the sale?

- How could you improve the way the customer feels once the service or product has been provided?

3) Write down all your ideas and any questions and answers that you’ve come up with

The aim is to keep using this approach to get as many ideas as possible. It’s about quantity versus quality. You’re in the idea generating stage, it doesn’t matter how bad or impractical your ideas are. You don’t need to narrow them down or commit to anything yet.

Be prepared for some silly answers. There are no bad ideas. In fact, get it out of the way and give yourself permission to come up with your worst idea first.

The more ideas you have, the more likely that you’ll discover a gem in there. Sometimes, we don’t get the most creative results because we tend to rush this part and run off with the first do-able answer. It’s better to keep going and stretch for more creative ideas. You don’t know where it could lead you.

Once you believe you’ve exhausted your possibilities or have found some idea gems, then you can go through the process of picking and refining the best ideas. But that’s a whole other topic and we won’t get into that now.

4) Keep practising using this Random Word tool to give your brain a workout with different problems and situations

Get your brain used to thinking and combining ideas in different ways.


Use this Random Word tool whenever you get stuck in how you think about your business. Get a fresh perspective to see how you can revitalise your business today.


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Natalia Walker, founder of Inner Creative, empowers small business owners to unlock their creativity to create a business that’s more aligned with their purpose, passion and values.

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