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Written by Alli Price

It’s the age old question isn’t it. How to get your potential customers to know about you and what you do – be it sell a product or offer services.

Most forms of marketing from social media to advertising on your car to press coverage all rely on your customer finding you initially and then you repeating your offering and all the associated benefits until a time they feel they need it – or you convince them they do!

wahm, mumpreneur

But what if I told you there was a way to reach them much more directly? And you don’t need to approach them on the beach with a platter on their head!

Well, there is a way and I had the pleasure of experiencing this recently at a blogger event at L’oreal. Wine, canapes and an information session on L’Oreal Products – along with a very impressive goodie bag to take away.

Not only did I walk away a happy camper I also walked away an enlightened one. This was a great way of getting your product/service directly to your market as they’re right in front of you! Better yet, they can ask questions, raise objections and you can handle them immediately. This can’t be achieved to the same degree if you’re separated by cyberspace.

Other things you can’t do in cyberspace – tailor your pitch to each individual client and connect with them face-to-face. They also can’t feel or experience your product.

So, now that I’ve sold it to you, how do you go about running a session like this? I’m pretty sure you don’t have the funds and Marketing team L’Oreal do.

1. It doesn’t need to be an expenive venture. You could offer morning tea in a venue where mums could bring their kids or hold it at night and buy mums a wine and pizza to share.

wahm, mumpreneur

2. Keep the session relevant and informative. Pick one or two of your products/services you’d like to present. Don’t cover the whole gamut for fear you’ll miss something. You can always have a table with all your products for mums to look at and ask questions on afterwards.

3. Mix it up. If you’re a stylist, bring a make up artist to offer some tips in that area. If you sell breast-feeding covers, ask a breast-feeding consultant along to chat about how to breastfeed comfortably in public. Think about which guest speaker will encourage your clientele to come along to the session.

4. Make it about them. I know the session is to promote your business but if you make it all about you then you’ll only put customers off. Ask them what they’d like to hear about, if they would like to share any stories or ask questions off the group as a whole and the good feeling you generate by being so generous with the session time will resonate with everyone long after they’ve left.

5. Offer a take away. It doesn’t have to be a whole goodie bag but it needs to be something mums will value – or feel has value. A $10 voucher off their next purchase isn’t a gift – it’s you saying you want them to spend money with you. You could also ask other mums in biz if they’d like to offer a little goodie to the bag – gaining exposure for them to your market.wahm, mumpreneur

So, what did L’Oreal get out of it? Well, I now use a couple of their products – the quick ones like the BB cream – and I had never even given L’Oreal a second look in the stores before. And in the goodie bags they had popped a couple of guys products that my boyfriend now uses – so that’s two converts thus far. Oh, and now I’m writing this blog about them!

What do you think an information session could do for you?

Cheers! Alli x


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5 Responses to Get face to face with your market

  1. manami says:

    Wow Alli! Great tips! I am not a big blog reader …but this was fabulous …will have to read more! And get some tips and ideas from you before I host my next event….! :) )

    • Alli says:

      Thank you so much lovely – I really try hard to give good information when I blog so it’s nice to know I’m hitting the mark x

  2. Cas says:

    Great tips Alli! Sometimes I think we think it’s harder than it needs to be.

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