Get off your computer and into the world!

Written by Alli Price

It’s good isn’t it, social media, the internet, blogging, webinars, audios…we never need to leave the house again. We can run our business from the lounge, fit in the kids and housework and get all we need delivered to our laptop. Right? Wrong!

With the advent of all these miracles of technology it’s now more important than ever to get out, network and socialise. Why? Because many of us are forgetting just what we get from meeting someone in the flesh and are settling for a system that, while it’s great, will never replace the beauty of human contact.

For example, I can meet one person online and in ten minutes:

  • find out a little about them,
  • decide, from their tone, branding and pic whether I think I like them and,
  • determine if I think we connect.

In ten minutes of meeting someone in person I can:

  • find out who I feel they are,
  • have a natural conversation that jumps about and takes you places you may not have gone on social media,
  • know if we connect,
  • feel the warmth of engaging with someone and,
  • leave feeling motivated and reinvigorated from meeting a like-minded soul.
Stop and think right now, what have you felt from reading this blog thus far? Maybe informed? Maybe like you get where I’m coming from or you disagree? Maybe, from the way I write you feel like you know me a bit?
Now press play..

Why not tell me what you’ve gotten from getting out into the world and meeting others?

Cheers! Alli x

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11 Responses to Get off your computer and into the world!

  1. Dhea says:

    I so LOVE the REAL contact I get from face to face events and meetings… ESPECIALLY when you are in your own business… I thrive on it… and it boosts my business 10fold when I go out of the house, get dressed in nice clothes and meet people… computer is great for leverage when otherwise you wouldn’t meet people but I need the human flesh element to keep me going… Oh better go meeting a FB friend in 10 minutes

  2. Cath says:

    Although I do a vast amount of “pre-networking” online, it is really through face-to-face that I build true relationships – and besides, I need it for my sanity. It gets lonely here, just me and the screen!

  3. Judd Exley says:

    Absotively! I often get caught up in the homefuss and wonder why, when I’m driving home from a simple coffee with colleagues, I feel so invigorated and inspired towards my business/life.

    Friggin’ great advice. Now tell Gaz to come to coffee more often!

  4. Mary-Anne says:

    Couldn’t agree more! Looking forward to getting involved with MM in Sydney soon!

  5. I agree with Nikki, like all aspects of our life it is about finding that balance. I have met some people in real life who are exactly as I thought they would be and others who I found to be different to the image I had of them from online. As you said we can gauge a lot with our online interactions, but it is really beneficial to get out and socialize with as many as we can when the opportunies arise. :)

    • Alli says:

      Martinez@themodernparent » So true Martine, and it’s all about getting that energy boost from meeting peeps in person. How did you feel after coming to the recent Biz Mums Club? I know I always feel pumped! x

  6. For me and my business growth it’s been finding a happy balance between both online and offline networking. Can’t do one without the other.

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