Get the most out of Facebook Competitions

I have offered a number of my pendants as auction items and competition prizes for other businesses and charities on Facebook but was yet to run one of my own. Facebook seems to constantly change their rules and regulations about how competitions are run and promoted, including the pictures that you use and even the exact ratio of words to pictures in your profile picture. I didn’t really know where to start and found it quite daunting to even attempt to run a competition and don’t really have the time to go through and digest all the ‘rules’.

Get the most out of Facebook competitions

Joni and her team at Small Business Marketing and PR (SBM+PR) offer a competition package that they will set up, oversee and help you run through your website and/or all your social media platforms.

We had an initial phone consult and I felt that Joni immediately ‘got’ my product, what I wanted to get out of running the competition and came up with a great concept.  Run through the Facebook app Offerpop (a FB rule is that you must use one of the million competition apps available), fans were encouraged to upload pictures their children had drawn and then share with their family and friends asking them to like the page and vote for their favourite.

SBM+PR made up all the pictures and banners to the appropriate size and settings, sent through a detailed action plan and during the competition period actually posted quite a few times on my behalf when my computer gave up! At the end of the comp, Joni sent through a detailed report on the fans gained, how many people saw or engaged with each post and even how many people actually read the competition rules (two!).

I would 100% recommend using Joni and her team for this sort of marketing as she understood my target market straight away and exceeded my expectations of what I wanted to get out of the competition, I will be using again!

Thank you Motivating Mum and SBM+PR!

A little more on Joni Edson, SBM+PR:

SBM+PR is an integrated marketing agency who are Infectiously passionate about encouraging small business to think big in terms of their marketing and public relations.  Director Joni Edson is a seasoned marketing professional who has worked for many years in the corporate marketing environment but who now seeks to assist business owners with putting plans into action to achieve their goals.

Get the most out of Facebook competitions

Reviewed by Laura Egan, Little Silver Prints:

As well as fingerprints, hands and feet, I can also imprint children’s drawings, handwritten messages, paw prints, baby scans, lip prints or anything else you can imagine! Little Silver Prints is run by me, Laura Egan, a mum of two gorgeous cheeky monkeys and makes personalised fine silver fingerprint, hand and footprint jewellery and keepsakes. Beyond the standard range, all of my pieces are fully customisable so each and every one is unique and being handmade, no two will ever be exactly the same.

The giveaway:

SBM+PR are giving away a Social Media Competition Package.

Running a social media competition is about putting a plan in to place to achieve objectives of your marketing plan.

This giveaway will provide you with a 1/2 hour development session to determine the best type of competition to achieve you goal, implementation including applications, graphic design and copy as well as a promotional plan to extend the reach of your competition to new customers.  This package also includes measurement and reporting – valued at $99

To win, leave a comment below on what you find to be the most challenging thing about Facebook? The winner will be drawn this Friday 15 March 2013.


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6 Responses to Get the most out of Facebook Competitions

  1. Alli says:

    Congrats Mary! You have won the session with Joni – congrats! x

  2. Mary says:

    My biggest challenge with facebook is understanding the best way to manage my business on facebook to make the most of it. I know it is a great resource and I know I am not using it as well as I could. My main problems are the same as others, getting new likes and getting people to interact with my facebook posts.

  3. Rose says:

    Get your fan to engage & our post show on their new feed instate of facebook adds.

  4. My most challenging factor about Facebook is getting people engaged and reaching new likes

  5. Jo Howard says:

    The most challenging thing about Facebook for me is trying to make my reach as high as possible with each post. Every post type is different and then when you add the impact likes and comments make to the reach, it’s like trying to crack a secret code!

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