Get uncomfortable in 2014-15 to make it you most abundant year!

As entrepreneurs we are the face and soul of our business. We have the ability to breathe life into our business (and unfortunately at times breathe life out of our business). Being in business requires a huge amount of personal growth, which then equates into business growth. Often we are the thing that holds our business back from success (even though we don’t like to admit it).

financial year abundanceIn my business I have found that my fears, self-doubts and confidence will hold my business back from taking it to the next level! These uncomfortable feelings will often present themselves especially as my business is changing or growing. It is almost like a radar to keep me safe! Safe from failure, success or even safe from making a total fool of myself.

When these fears and doubts present themselves in my business, I need to look within to see why they are coming up again. Often for me it is about feeling good enough to do whatever I need to do! By taking away my focus on the fear or doubt I can then focus on what is important that I am good enough and look at ways I can improve my confidence and belief in myself, for example by using affirmations to help change my mindset to a more empowered place.

I was recently told that I need to Get Comfortable with These Uncomfortable Feelings! It is when we feel uncomfortable and push through our own personal limiting self-beliefs that we propel our business to the next level. Make the commitment to yourself to get comfortable with your uncomfortable feelings and face them head on!
financial year abundance


Debbie Rossi is a kinesiologist, business owner, author & speaker. She is passionate about helping Mums become the best version of themselves, in business and in life.

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