Getting your Spring/Summer wardrobe ready

Hi there lovely business Mums,

Spring has arrived and what a great time to have look at your wardrobe. Is it ready for Spring/Summer? Do you need to inject it with some seasonal pieces?
You probably meet a lot of other small business owners at events, networking meetings and meetings with clients, so be prepared and make sure your wardrobe has outfits ready for all those occasions.

As a Mum, it is easy to think “I don’t have time for fashion and style” and we neglect ourselves and the way we look. I see it all the time and I have been there as well. I quickly got ready in the morning to face the day of feeding, preparing food and playing with the kids and then my day was done. But here’s the thing… it is still important to look after yourself. It makes us feel better and being a Mum doesn’t mean you have to give up style. We still have time to look after ourselves, or have to make time for ourselves, because I found that when I got out of my uninspired frumpiness, I felt a lot better about myself. I was finally “me” again, just like before I had children but with a new look. I was a Mum with Style and you can be too!

I have found some really great items that you can use to update your look and still are easy to wear when you are around kids. These are items that are very versatile and a must to have in your wardrobe to take you from school pick ups to meetings and coffee catch ups.
Have a look, here they are:
1. A Blazer jacket

A sharp jacket is going to smarten up your outfit in no time. Wear it over dresses and with skirts, or with pants and a t-shirt for a casual look. It takes your outfit to another level and you are ready for your day with business meetings and school pick ups, or whatever your day brings.

mumpreneur wardrobe

2. A Dress

What is easier in the morning, when you don’t have much time, than to put on a dress? You don’t have to think about what to wear together, your outfit is done. You can choose to wear it with a blazer jacket as above if you need to layer it or look the part, or keep your look a bit softer with a cardigan. Very stylish and by far the quickest option to get dressed. Which Mum doesn’t like that?

mumpreneur wardrobe

3. Shoes

I have to say that this season trendy shoes are perfect for Mums. It is the Mule that is making a fashion come back, they go well with pants, skirts and dresses. The heeled sandal is another great option for looking stylish without having to wear heels. If you don’t want to ruin them by going to the park for a play after your business meeting, keep your sketchers or trendy sneakers in the car and swap.

mumpreneur wardrobe
4. Pants

They are a wardrobe staple. Wear them with a smart top, a jacket and you look great. They are the most practical item you can have and work well for having a day running after the kids mixed with business meetings or meeting with clients.

mumpreneur wardrobe

5. Bags

Your bag finishes your look and is a great accessory to update your outfit. Here are some bags that are able to put your tablet in and some kids toys at the same time. Pick an interesting colour, like yellow, to instantly brighten up your outfit. Stylish!

mumprenuer wardrobe

I hope this has inspired you to look stylish again. It is important to look after yourself and feel great with the way you look. It will have a ripple effect on many other areas of you life. Find out what is important for you to spend that little bit of time on. Is it your hair? Your nails? A stylish out fit? Why not prepare your outfit the night before, so you don’t stand there in front of their wardrobe in the morning rush hour and feel uninspired to create an outfit or a look that you want. Spending time on yourself as a Mum is one of the best things you can do, I am speaking from experience!

Enjoy and have fun when you start your new stylish journey!


mumpreneur wardrobeMieke Krijgsman, Personal Stylist

Mieke Krijgsman is a Personal Stylist, her business Smart Styling provides styling tips for Mum-preneurs! “I love helping women find their own unique style. I’m a firm believer that dressing and shopping should be fun.”

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