Giveaway Monday: Business & Baby at Home – a set-up and survival guide for mums

Giveaway Monday – Review of a product for mums in business

“Business and Baby at Home – A Set-Up and Survival Guide for Mums” came into my world just after I had my second son and I was trying to readjust to a new routine and find my feet in my business again with a 2 year old and a 2 month old. I have not come across a book that completely focuses on how to find harmony with our roles as mums and businesswomen. I loved how empowering the language was and it made me feel well equipped to handle the tough days and soldier on with the end goal in sight.

Business & Baby at HomeSarah’s tips on outsourcing and asking for help were refreshing for a Mumma who has always struggled to ask for help. I also loved the humor and realness of Sarah’s writing, many times I thought ‘hey is she talking about my household?’. You can tell that Sarah has walked the talk.

Her holistic approach to self care was impressive as this is usually what is lacking in business training and education for women.

Sarah walks you through preparing for your first child, up to welcoming a second bundle and right through to school days. I can see myself pulling this off the shelf at different stages of my family and business life for a refresher. The summary section at the end of each chapter was great to bring together the points made and to refer back to quickly. A simple read but certainly not lacking in awesome ideas and suggestions to make life with children and a business a little smoother.

This is such a fabulous resource for mums in business, it gave me so many new ideas and determination to make it work for my family. I will be recommending it to my team who are mostly mums trying to juggle it all. Thanks Sarah.

Business & Baby at HomeA little more on Business & Baby at Home – a set-up and survival guide for mums 

Business & Baby at Home explores the joys and challenges of working from home while gracefully balancing family life, relationships and domestic duties. Packed with clever business acumen, practical ideas and valuable advice, the book is an insightful guide for those of us searching for fluidity between our personal and professional lives.
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Business and baby at homeReviewed by Carlie Hageman, Nature Direct

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The giveaway:

We are giving away 3 x copies of the book, worth $29.99 each.

To win, simply comment below on what you find the most challenging thing about juggling business and family by this Friday 1 August 2014.

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15 Responses to Giveaway Monday: Business & Baby at Home – a set-up and survival guide for mums

  1. Alli says:

    Congrats to Sam, Naomi and Catherine on winning this fab book! You will be contacted by email x

  2. I would love to have this book, 2 kids 2 Businesses any help would be great

  3. Oh and one last point – not just when the kids are ill, but when you are too.

    Although I’m rarely ill for the first time in about 3 years i fell ill last year. the stress of the growing workload only made things worst.

    And the kids…. where, well… the kids!

  4. Hi Charlie,

    Great review – I know I’m to late for the competition but I thought I’d comment anyway!

    This book sounds made for me especially after reading this… “Sarah’s tips on outsourcing and asking for help were refreshing for a Mumma who has always struggled to ask for help”…

    I hate bothering people.

    My biggest challenge now is the holidays. This is my eldest son’s first summer holidays (the dreaded 6 weeks holidays). All these half terms are killing me!

    And lastly what Robyn said about when the kids are ill.


  5. Robyn Bishop says:

    Yes, the constant juggling, prioritising is hard, but I do find it most challenging when someone in the family is sick. Especially the kids. It always tends to be me and my biz that are put on hold until they recover…

  6. Charma says:

    My biggest challenge is making sure I allocate time for my baby and son to be 100% present just for them. Need to make sure I put the phone down & stop checking emails!

    The early days with a baby were much easier as you have much more time during long feeds and their sleep to be online.

    Sleep would be nice though…

  7. When the kids get sick, or when there is school holidays and you get behind on your work it can take so long to get back on top of things!

  8. Kez Winiecki says:

    With two children, I find the constant little interruptions from little people difficult to juggle with business. You feel torn between wanting to give them your full attention, but also trying to get your business tasks done!

  9. Does it include tips on dealing with the biggest baby of all in our mummy lives? Sometimes his attention needs outweigh all of them!

  10. Kelly says:

    Most challenging thing I’m finding, is putting the phone/emails down for set periods during the day. ie when it’s time to play with the kids.

  11. catherine porquier says:

    Finding the time to do it all and make time for yourself and your business amongst daily home duties and caring for bub!

  12. For me the biggest challenge is overcoming the ‘mummy guilt’s', outsourcing what is considered my roles as a mum (e.g child care, ironing etc) and just wishing I had that spare moment in my day to sit down with a cuppa and a good book!

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