How a 3 day Holiday with my Family Changed My Life and Business

Guest blog written by Samantha Jansen, Platform 4 Success

At the start of June, I decided to take my family to Sarsfield, which is 10 minutes from Bairnsdale for 3 days. I wanted it to be different to our standard weekend getaways. This resulted in me deciding we would spend 2 nights in farm house. We were all excited as we have never experienced something like this before…

Upon arriving there we were all excited about living in this little farm house situation on 56 hectares of land. The kids started running around and we took some time to explore the farm, the veggie patch and all the animals.

Being the social media junkie I am… I pulled out my phone took some pictures and when I tried to upload them to Facebook and Instragam I realised, there were no signals.

The fact I didn’t have a way to communicate with the world started playing on my mind and my stress levels were on the rise…my brain was in overdrive thinking “I can’t send or receive any e-mails, can’t communicate with my clients”.

I tried standing near the farm house window, walking in all sorts of directions thinking “there should be signals somewhere on this farm” after a good hour of trying to figure it out. I realised it was time to accept the fact and start to enjoy this experience.

The next morning when we headed into town, the phone regained signals and I spent about five to ten minutes on social media and checked my e-mails.

After arriving back to Melbourne and reflecting on the holiday and how it made me feel, I decided to make some dramatic changes to my business.

Why? Because spending three days away made me realise why I felt so anxious when I didn’t have phone signals. I had assured my clients I was only an e-mail away and they knew if they e-mail me, I would respond to them. I had clearly over committed myself through one of my best selling programs.

After a lot of thinking and business planning I pulled the plug on the 6 month mentoring program. A program which offers clients weekly laser coaching calls, unlimited e-mail support and weekly accountability task.

I took 3 – 4 weeks and re-designed the program with the same content, however I added a video segment to replace the coaching call. Plus they would receive a 2 laser coaching calls during the program.

Two months on from making a massive change to one of my best selling programs has resulted in being the best thing I ever did for my life and business.

When I decided to the take the family away for the weekend, it was purely to relax, recharge and get away from the day to day rat race in the suburbs.

Looking back on the experience, I’m truly grateful and glad I decided to do something different, living in a little farm house and getting back to nature really impacted me and changed the dynamics of my business.



Platform 4 Success was created by Samantha Jansen for businesses in the start-up phase to help them effectively create marketing systems and learn how to leverage from their products / services to maximize their profits. 

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