How effective is your website?

Giveaway Monday – Review of a service for mums in business

To say I was over the moon when I won a Website Effectiveness Audit by Mary-Anne of Wise Up Marketing is an understatement.

Having recently relaunched my online store I was feeling incredibly overwhelmed in regards to how to increase my online traffic and to be frank I didn’t have a clue where to start with SEO.

how effective is your website

Mary-Anne Amies, Wise Up Marketing

Mary- Anne made very prompt contact with me via email and provided me with an outline of what the website audit entailed. The process was incredibly simple from my end all I had to give Mary-Anne was my website address. What I received in return a short few days later was a detailed analysis of my websites performance/effectiveness including:-

  • Home Page Impact
  • Ease of Browsing
  • Indexes in name based search
  • Indexes in category search
  • Keyword Strategy
  • TitleTag and Meta Data

Mary-Anne highlighted areas of website that required amendments/improvements and also provided me with a comprehensive easy to understand lists of strategies on how to the make the improvements.

Overall the audit has provided me with a greater insight of where my website sits online and how to increase my online traffic and web presence. I have no hesitation in recommending Wise Up Marketing and will be using Mary-Anne’s service to assist me further with my website effectiveness.

A little more on Mary-Anne Amies, Wise Up Marketing:

Wise Up Marketing are a small business with a passion for helping your small business reach its full potential by providing easy to implement, cost effective Marketing Solutions. We have over 10 years marketing experience and our consultants can help you with any aspect of sales and marketing.

Reviewed by Leah, Little Maison:how effective is your website

Born from the love of stylish interiors, Little Maison is the solution for parents looking to create unique and stylish bedrooms for their children. Our online store is stocked full of gorgeous linen and accessories exclusively for children including our predesigned Bedtime Bundles and Nursery in a Box collections. We also provide an Interior Styling service for those parents looking to create a unique space for their little one.

The giveaway:

Win a Website Effectiveness Audit for your business; a comprehensive report on your website uncovering how it is performing and identifying how you can optimise it to bring traffic in that is more engaged.

To win, comment below on what’s the one thing you just don’t get about websites?

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7 Responses to How effective is your website?

  1. Alli says:

    Congrats to Mademoiselle Slimalicious – you’re the winner of the website effectiveness audit – yays! Alli x

  2. Allie says:

    Im about to get my online store built. I have tried to do it myself for a little while now and really struggled. I have lots of ideas however putting them into action is a problem. I have launched my blog but I get so blogged when it comes to SEO & plugins and long tail key words etc. I need HELP pretty please.

  3. Felicity says:

    I’m about to relaunch my vamped up website and I ways struggle with layout and SEO. I would live to win this so I can get things where they should be to help customers find my gorgeous products.

  4. I’d like to know how to change my audience demographics. I suspect that the only thing I can do is build a new website, which I am doing, but still, I need to know how to attract the right audience.

  5. I would love to know whether I should be having a home page or whether my blog as my front page is OK. Also, whether what I’m doing with my SEO can be improved on – and if so, how!

  6. I’m wanting to revamp my website, as I originally created it when the business was a concept, rather than a full-on product based biz and blog, and even I find it hard to navigate! I’d LOVE to know what to change to improve its performance. (In other words, pick me, pick me!)

  7. Ok, let’s be honest, I don’t get SEO and how to improve it!

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