How to create a home office anywhere in your home

home officeWith computers getting sleeker and less cumbersome and many businesses operating with less paperwork, these days having a dedicated room in your home for a home office need not be necessary. So if you don’t have the luxury of having a whole room to yourself dedicated for an office space, then don’t despair, here are 5 areas of your home where you can create your very own place to work in.

1. Office space in your kitchen

The hub of the home is indeed the kitchen, so why not combine another activity with your workspace? A lot of contemporary kitchens are designed with this in mind and often include a little study nook as an extension of the kitchen cabinetry. Using the same materials as the kitchen cleverly integrates another function into the space. Planned well you can include filing drawers & storage that need not look office like and will be part of the overall interior design.

2. Office in a guest room

Guest rooms are quite often under utilised rooms in the home, which may only accommodate guests a few times a year and for short periods of time. So why not use this room to its full advantage and move your office into this space. Think of using the valuable wall space and installing a fold up bed which can be in the upright position most of the time, this then frees up valuable floor space. See The Comfort Shop for a cool idea to combine an office and bed in one.

3. Office in a nook

Take a look around your home, do you have any little nooks or corners of a room, a hallway not being used, can you build in a neat little desk and overhead shelving into a cupboard or under the stairs? A designated office space need not be huge, you can get away with as little a space as 1m wide x .5 m deep. You may wish to hire the services of a professional organiser who specialises in setting up systems for an organised office. Denise Childs of Systems for Order is especially well versed in this area.

4. What’s behind the curtain?

If you don’t want to have your office on display all the time, maybe it can be housed in a neat little area which is sectioned off by a decorative curtain. This can then give you the feeling you have another room within a larger room, but it also ties in with your décor making it feel less corporate. Furniture and decoration you choose in this office space needs to tie in with the current scheme in the bigger room in order to mesh.

5. Show it off

If you can’t hide your office and it has to be housed in your living room, then show it off. Select a gorgeous desk that suits your décor and make it a highlight of the room. Use a secretary desk which hides all the paperwork at the end of the day and can be packed away and appear like a gorgeous piece of furniture. Select an equally gorgeous chair which coordinates with your desk and lounge suite, it can then be used as extra seating for the living space when your office is not in use.

home office


There you are I have helped you to successfully combine an office space with your kitchen, a guest room, hallway or nook, under stairs or even in your living room. How about you, where is your home office housed, anywhere other than the places listed above?


home officeTania Bell, Green Room Interiors

Green Room Interiors create colourful spaces that make their client’s heart sing!

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