How to integrate your home office so that it won’t stick out like a sore thumb

furniture ideasLast time I talked about finding a home for your home office anywhere in your house, so once you have found that ideal spot, then what do you furnish it with so that it works in with the rest of your décor? Below I list the 5 essential items of office furniture that you need to consider when integrating your home office into your home.

1. The Desk

When you think of a home office, this is the most essential item to start with. But you don’t want it to look utilitarian (unless that is the look of your home décor) so you can’t just pick any old desk. Ideally you want it to look swish so it forms part of your overall interior design. If your style is anything from classic, French provincial, to ultra modern then there is the desk out there for you. If you are into eclectic, perhaps an old vintage find could be refurbished and will add some character to your space.

Xavier Furniture have a wonderful range of classic and French Provincial style desks.

If your style is a little more mid-century, then West Elm have a great range of desks to choose from.

2. The chair

The second most important item for your home office is where you park yourself while working. Comfort is one factor when choosing an office chair, but not all comfortable office chairs are nice to look at or fit into our interior design.

Consider going to a specialist office chair supplier who can match fabric to suit your décor. Places such as Home Office Made Easy, can have ergonomic chairs made up in a huge range of decorative fabrics, there is sure to be one you suit your colour leaning.

Or alternatively, Green Room Interiors deals with a local manufacturer (Melbourne) who can produce fabulously looking office chairs, see this recent custom office chair we had made up for a client, pretty!

office furniture

3. Office storage

Why not match your storage cabinetry to your desk, West Elm have many different styles which co-ordinate back with their desks.

Perhaps consider having storage built in, even though it is a more permanent and expensive option than loose items at least you will have a cohesive look with the rest of the cabinetry in your home.

4. Lighting

Adequate lighting for your home office needs to be a combination of desk (task) lighting and also overhead (general) lighting. Desk lamps have come a long way and now you can get lamps in all shapes, sizes and colours, which will suit any décor. If you house your office in the corner of your living room then why not match your desk lamp to the floor lamp next to your sofa? Take a look at some of the funky and playful lamps on offer at About Space.

5. The pretty stuff

Other items which you can include in your home office that might work in with your interior design and help blend office space seamlessly are things like:

  • Floor coverings, rugs etc. – these could be a matching design or colour to your living room rug or flooring
  • Curtains & Blinds – ensure your fabrics work together and are of the same style
  • Plants – indoor plants add life to a room, but can also be in matching pots as other’s throughout your home

So even if you have your office already set up or you are starting from scratch, I am sure you have gleaned some tips on what to consider and include in your home office in order for it not to stick out like a sore thumb!


furniture ideasTania Bell, Green Room Interiors 

Green Room Interiors create colourful spaces that make their client’s heart sing! 

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