How to Make a Good First Impression in an Interview

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So you’ve decided that running a business isn’t for you and maybe a job is the way to go. After weeks, maybe even months of sending out applications and follow ups, you’ve secured a job interview. Fantastic! Stage one complete.

Now you’re worried about what kind of impression you’re going to make at the interview. To help your preparation for an upcoming interview, you may want to keep these tips in mind:

Get advice

If you’re still studying or recently finished, it is worthwhile having a consultation with a team member at the careers office of your learning institution. New-age education providers such as Evocca College are likely to dedicate more time to specialised guidance. In many career consulting meetings, there will be an opportunity for some interviewing technique practice. Tutors at colleges like Evocca are quite flexible too, so you’ll be able to approach them when preparing.

Stand Out

You need to stand out, in a good way, from your fellow candidates. Make sure you’re dressed appropriately for an interview, in a manner that mirrors the company and the people that work there. Even if you’re interviewing at a start-up company that takes pride in being casual (there are plenty of these now), dress neatly. Show a genuine interest in the position you’re applying for as well as the company. Let your determination shine through.

Prepare for Anything

Candidates that leave an unforgettable impression are usually the ones that can answer any question easily and think on the spot. As part of your preparation for the interview, memorise the details in your resume. Have a folio containing your best work, if that applies. Research the company and people you may ultimately work with. Be prepared to answer any questions they may have, as they’re likely to check if you really know about their company services and what they stand for.

Ask Questions

You’ll make an even better impression if you ask thoughtful questions. Ask questions specific to their company and the things they do. And to show them that you’re willing to work hard to be one of their best employees, try something like “What do your employees have to do to be considered the best?” or “What do you hope the person you select will achieve in this position?” Asking smart questions will impress the recruiters and put you ahead of those candidates who don’t do this.


Present a project

This one will really set you far apart from other candidates. Try creating some sort of proposal for a project relevant to the job you’re applying for. For example –if you’re applying for a position in an advertising firm, you can present a pitch for a client that the company already works for. Present something in their style, so they know you’re capable of thinking like them.

An interview is always a nerve-racking situation, no matter how many you’ve experienced. You can start to ease the anxiety by following these few tips –it’s all about making yourself shine amongst the other candidates. Try to loosen up, as being tense will show and recruiters may see it as an “I’m not confident” indicator.

Remember, they wanted to interview you because something in your application stood out. Good luck!

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