How to Prepare Your Online Store for the Christmas Season

This article is brought to you by Nell Casey, Melbourne small business copywriter

Are you one of those people who’ve been prepping your business for the Christmas season since August? Yep, me neither.

Prepare Your Online Store for the Christmas SeasonBut it’s not too late. For many businesses, 20% of their annual sales happen in December. And with some extra prep now, you could push that number even higher.

So in the interests of a super-successful December and a January spent sipping cocktails by the pool, here are my top tips for getting your website or online store ready for the Christmas season.

Give Your Website a Facelift

Many people (like me) do most of their Christmas shopping from the safety and comfort of their couch. When those people come across your website, you want to make sure it’s all up-to-date and showcasing you at your best.

Have your best products featured front-and-centre on the home page. Get some new product photos taken if you need to.

Go over all your website content to make sure it’s correct and up to date. Could your About Page be rewritten? Are your T&Cs still current? While you’re at it, add details of your cut-off times for Christmas shipping and any special conditions you have for returning gifts.

Make It Easy to Grow Your List

If you haven’t already started a mailing list then make that a priority this shopping season. With so many new customers coming to your site in November and December, it’d be great to be able to keep in contact with them in the future.

Decide on Your Blog Contingency Plan

Christmas shopping + busy time of year = no time to update your blog. Keeping up with your blog posts at the best of times is hard, but during the Christmas madness it’s almost guaranteed to be relegated way down your list of priorities.

Put in place a plan now on how you’ll manage your blog. You could pre-write and schedule a bunch of posts to keep you covered (recycling old blog posts is also handy for this). Or just place a little message on your blog letting visitors know that you’re taking a mini-break and will be back to producing awesome content in January.

Put On Some Special Promotions

With so many similar stores out there, you want to offer something to make yourself stand out. It might be tempting to discount your prices to drum up sales, but I don’t really believe in competing on price.

Instead, think of other things you can offer to your customers. What about free gift wrapping on orders? Or special gift bundles that you don’t offer at other times of the year? You could also provide an extra-long returns period for all those people shopping for gifts for others.

The great thing about all of these tips is that they’ll help your website stand out and get more sales beyond December.

What are you planning on doing to attract more sales on your website or store this holiday season? Are there any other things you’d love to know about making your website stand out to increase your sales?


Prepare Your Online Store for the Christmas SeasonNell Casey is a Melbourne small business copywriter, who’s passionate about helping businesses grow their online presence to get more in-real-life customers and fans. Find out what she wants for Christmas (and other, more helpful things) by connecting on Twitter.


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