How to strengthen the foundation of your business in 2014

Guest blog by Natasha Vorompiova, SystemsRock

You know what happens as the year starts drawing to a close.

Everyone starts reflecting on their life in a really general way and sort of haphazardly coming up with resolutions for the new year. . .resolutions that they rarely follow through on.

business foundationsAs the Systems Chick, I’m here to give you a few simple steps that can help you strengthen the foundation of your business so that you can ride smoothly and quickly into your successful 2014!

Step #1: What Do You Do Every Day?

Create a master list of all the things you do in your business. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy or complicated. You can keep a sheet of paper by your desk or just leave open a document so that you can jot down what you’re doing.

Are you writing copy, handling client inquiries, sending out invoices?

Step #2: Why Are You Doing These Things?

Once you’ve got a fairly detailed list, look more closely at the items on it. Group them into broader categories (e. g. Marketing, Financial, Administrative, etc.) so that you can understand why each process is important and what part of your business it supports.

Combining your regular tasks into larger categories allows you to see the bigger picture by helping you understand where those individual elements fit into the overall scheme of your business.

Step #3: How Do You Do These Things?

Lastly, create a standard procedure for the repeatable processes you listed under Step #1 by recording a video or audio, creating a checklist or step-by-step.

Avoid getting overwhelmed by breaking your systems-related work into small, manageable steps that you can take one at a time to reach your bigger goal.

You’ll be amazed by how much clearer things will seem once you get them out of your head.


business foundationNatasha Vorompiova is the founder of SystemsRock, architect of business systems that work and a Certified Book Yourself Solid Coach. Her clients are small business owners who start their businesses with passion and a desire for freedom. Natasha creates systems that ensure clients get more done in less time and pave the way for greater profits and long-term success. 


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