How to use psychometric testing to find the best employees

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Years ago, while I was hunting for my first job out of university, I was submitted to a
battery of tests. I had no idea why these companies were asking me if I was the life of the party, or left things in odd places. But those tests were a required part of the recruitment process, and so I had to go with it.

Fast forward 20 years, I’m a business owner in a position to hire employees, and I now get it. These were psychometric tests – questionnaires backed by scientific method that accurately measure a person’s cognitive abilities and behavioural style. And they’re important because they show whether a candidate has the required personality and aptitude to succeed in a particular role.

Hiring personnel is a high-stakes decision for solopreneurs. Every cent is precious, any new person needs to really contribute to our profitability to make our spending on them worthwhile. If we mistakenly hire someone who’s just not a good fit, we have little time and resources to re-hire and re-train. So it makes sense to get the hiring decisions right the first time round.

The problem is, that’s easier said than done. Most of us small business owners are not HR specialists. We may never have interviewed, hired, or possibly even managed people, before. And, let’s face it, it’s all too easy for candidates to pad resumes or put together a wonderful portfolio of (other peoples’) work, using the endless resources of the web.

This is where psychometric tests can really help the small business owner. They give you instant access to hiring expertise, allowing you to measure traits – such as how well a person can solve problems, reason and absorb new information – in a way that you can’t assess through a resume or interview alone. Cognitive assessments take you past what your candidate thinks you want to hear, to provide you with real, un-fakeable results.

Conducting a detailed test might all sound a bit hard, but it’s actually incredibly simple.

You can get your potential employees to take tests online, through websites such as Revelian, which means the tests are easy and affordable to administer. It also means that you can quickly process larger numbers of people applying for a role – they can complete the assessment online, and you can use the results to very quickly hone in on a smaller group to interview.

The tests can even be fun – these companies also provide online game-based assessments. It’s like playing Candy Crush with a higher purpose.

Need more reasons as to why psychometric testing can be real boon for your business?

Firstly, the results will highlight a candidate’s particular strengths, which you’ll then be in a position to fully exploit, along with weaknesses that you can focus on as you train.

And secondly, you can take a test yourself to see what kind of person you are to work with. You can then think about the type of person that will complement your personality and abilities, and hire accordingly. Given that you’re likely to be working quite closely with your new hires, it makes sense to know all you can about them…and you.

What do you think? Would you use psychometric testing to hire your staff? Love to hear your comments below.

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