You’ve got the great idea, now what?

Written by Alli Price

So, you’ve been struck by the best idea ever for your business. Now what do you do?


implementing great idea, mum in business

Stop right there and don’t make a move. Don’t take another step.

It’s all well and good that you have a great idea (or another great idea) for your business but you need to stop and think about a few things first:

implementing great idea, mum

  1. Get out a pen and paper and sit down somewhere comfy.
  2. Work out how the idea fits with your brand, your vision for the business, if it will make you any money or get you exposure (or whatever your aim is) and by when (and be realistic)!
  3. Work out how much it will cost to implement, if you have the cash and if it’s worth your while committing the money here as opposed to elsewhere.
  4. Work out if you have time right now to implement this great new idea? Work out each step and just how long it will take you to complete these.
  5. If you don’t have the time, work out if you can pay someone else to do it for you – and if you’re paying someone else will it still be worthwhile financially to do.
  6. Run it by someone else for some clarity, feedback and objectivity (Motivating Mum mentors are $28 for a 30 min call and are fab for bouncing ideas off).
  7. If all the above adds up make a plan for implementing your great idea. Does it really have to be today or is that you just getting super excited?
  8. Then also make a plan for promoting your great idea (if it needs promoting) and reviewing your great idea after a certain period of time.
  9. If all the above doesn’t add up – add your great idea to a list of great ideas close by for the time and date that it will become feasible for you.

So, who am I to write such a list as if I’m an expert? Well, I am a serial offender when it comes to great ideas and getting swept away in it all and it’s as much a list for you as for me!

And sitting down and spending 10 min thinking about it before rushing off and introducing it into your business isn’t too much to ask is it? Well, I’ll let you know!


Alli x

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5 Responses to You’ve got the great idea, now what?

  1. DanniiBeauty says:

    Great advice! I usually give myself a few days to think about an idea – and your right it gives time to think about the in’s and out’s of the idea which don’t always end up being so great as they were when initially thought of.

  2. Mad Cow says:

    Another serial offender here, too … but am getting better at it.

    Also, I have a folder sitting on my desk that is getting fuller and fuller and about to explode, till I can sift trhough and work out which is next best to do :)

  3. Alli says:

    Sounds like someone else I know! Sometimes it’s good to learn where the brakes are, isn’t it! Cheers, Alli x

  4. Great post as usual Alli.
    I’m guilty of simply diving into a new business idea as well. Once I start investing more time, I then realise that the net benefit isn’t that much. I then flounder and get all stressed out because I had no time to implement it.

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