Interesting places to advertise you may not have thought of

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There is so much competition out there to reach your ideal customer – how do you stand out from the crowd these days? As small business owners, we’re all looking for cost effective ways to communicate to our customers. Here are some ideas for places to advertise you may never have thought of:ID-1001511501. Shop A Docket

If your target market is mums, then Shop A Docket could be for you. You can target your local supermarket, or the areas you operate your business within.

With a target market that is 80% female, with 54% aged between 25-54, and the number of shopping trips weekly on the rise, your chance of exposure to mums is also high. There’s also mobile service which means people can redeem vouchers directly from their phone, making redemption easier.

2. Advertise on someone else’s car

Want to break into a new area? Or get cut-through in your local area? Why not advertise to find people who, for a small sum each month, would drive around with your signage on their car? You would need a contract to protect you and make sure they kept their car clean and the signage up for the agreed period of time. However, the benefit is that a mobile ad on someone’s car would be way cheaper than a magazine ad and seen on an ongoing basis.

3. Sponsor a small event

Want to reach your target market but don’t have much money? Why not sponsor a small event? Look out for small events in your target market (delete market) area. Negotiate terms like:

  • they need to have your banner up,
  • you get to address the group or they mention you,
  • they hand out your flyers, or
  • promise you social media shouts.

You may not reach a huge market, but if they’re your target, then outlaying a little could get you great returns simply from sponsoring one event.

4. Sponsor the back of toilet doors!

Approach local cafes or pubs in your area and ask if you can sponsor the backs of their toilet doors. Just make sure it’s your target market for example, a play centre would be ideal for targeting mums.

Pay a small amount per month for your flyers to be in prime position for when people have nothing better to do but read.
I hope these ideas help and, at the very least, will inspire you to think out of the box when it comes to marketing your business! I would love to hear if you’ve come up with any amazing marketing ideas for business.

Cheers, Alli x

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